How to Download Movies from YouTube

A YouTube viewer by the name of Brian asked a question about how he could download all these great movies that he watches on this site. The man said he tried downloading some YouTube videos but couldn’t for unidentified reasons. It’s true that there are other YouTubers who have the same problem. Many of them don’t know how to save favorite films on their computers.

Can you download YouTube movies? Yes, you can. This is the best time to discover how to bookmark your favourite YouTube videos.

What are YouTube Movies?

YouTube playsback videos on their site using Flash. The main reason people have a hard time downloading movies from YouTube is due to this. From a publishing perspective, using Flash makes it difficult for the public to benefit from downloading movies.

You still have the option to download Flash movies, as you can search for them in your Temp Index depending on what you are playing. It is possible because your server downloads all of the movie files to the desktop during playback free mp3 download.

You can save yourself a lot of time by asking someone else to search for the YouTube videos for you. KeepVid can be a great website for you to use in this case. This site locates files from many different websites.

What is KeepVid?

You can copy the YouTube URL from the webpage where you found the video. You can then paste the URL into KeepVid’s search for downloads. Find YouTube in the list and click on it. Then, you can click on the button to download.

KeepVid can find the right download link for you and provide you with the necessary instructions.

YouTube is a FLV Flash video format, and it cannot be played instantly. Therefore you will also require an application that can playback the FLV Flash videos. Windows users may download FLV Player. So, the files can be viewed directly from your desktop. The shareware SWF.max application displays thumbnails for the movies, and also includes many great features.

What is the best way to download videos from YouTube for Firefox users?

You can easily download YouTube movies if your browser of choice is Firefox. All you need to do is install an extension. Unplug extension, for example, allows you to record both video and audio embedded in a web page. Once you have installed the extension you will be able to access the video you desire by clicking on Tools, then Unplug.

How to download videos from YouTube?

Other options are available to download Youtube films. Download iTube and install it to your computer. Open iTube, choose File then Options. Then, below the Save Movies: Simply field, enter the destination where you wish to save your YouTube video. The file can be converted to MPEG, which will allow you to save it directly to your iPod.

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