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A 16 foot Jon boat weighs an average of 360 pounds excluding the motor, and an additional 990 pounds of carrying capacity for people and gear. Great for utility work, water sports, and navigating through all lake locations. A 16 foot Jon boat can easily accommodate 4 adults plus their gear Jun 5, 2011. #5. Re: weight of 16 foot 1973 starcraft aluminim boat. I have a 1990 15.5 ft LOWE with a 40HP Evinrude that weighed in at just over 1000 pounds including the trailer. This is an all aluminum bass style boat on a steel trailer. Since then I have added a trolling motor and a spare group D31M battery Number of people = vessel length (ft.) x vessel width (ft.) ÷ 15. First, find out the length and width of your boat in feet, then use our calculator to find out your boat's capacity. Note that personal watercraft do not have a capacity plate. For P-W-C's, always follow the recommended capacity in the owner's manual and on the manufacturer. This no-nonsense 16-foot fishing boat is packed with fishing features for panfish, walleye and bass. If working with a narrower budget, the affordable 1600 Fury is one of the best value fishing boats available. This perfect 16' fishing boat boasts core fishing features all anglers expect in a Lund fishing boat. Build & Price Silver Streak Boats 6864 West Coast Road Sooke, BC V9Z 0V2 Toll Free: 1 (877) 659-4143 Local Phone: 1 (250) 642-530

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16' Olympic Jon Mod-V Bow, 20 Transom. Ultra-durable and easy to power Lowe Jons have been serving anglers, hunters and commercial clients since 1971. Built with only the best available materials like marine grade 5052-H34 riveted aluminum alloy, these boats are designed to be worked hard and put away wet G3 Boats 16 Foot (average of 18 foot models): weighs 375 pounds with 975 pounds of carrying capacity Average Weight Limit of a 20 Foot Jon Boat A 20 foot Jon Boat will on average weigh about 830 pounds (376 kilos) not including the motor, and hold around 1,800 pounds (816 kilos) of people and gear

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The United States Coast Guard (USCG), American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), Canada, and ISO all rate capacity for boats under 26 feet based on displacement weight. This is the amount of weight needed to sink the boat and is equal to the boat's volume. If the weight of a boat is less than the fluid it displaces, it will float The average weight of a fishing boat with equipment, motor, and trailer is about 3500 pounds. Fishing boat and trailer weights vary depending on the category of boat and the average range is from 2800 to 5000 pounds. Average aluminum fishing boat and trailer weight: 2950 pounds. Average bass boat and trailer weight: 3040 pounds New Crestliner 1650 Fish Hawk | 16 ft Aluminum Multi Species Boat. 1650 Fish Hawk. 1950 Fish Hawk. 1850 Fish Hawk. 1750 Fish Hawk. 1650 Fish Hawk SE. Build & Price Get A Quote. 1650 Fish Hawk starting at $26,725 or $249.43 /month. Includes: Boat, Mercury 90 HP EFI 4-Stroke, ShoreLand'r Trailer A fiberglass boat can come in all sorts of sizes, but in this post, we'll be comparing this boat's weight to that of the smaller aluminum fishing boats. This puts the boat in the 16 to 20-foot length range. The weight on these boats is usually between 1,500 and 2,500 pounds without the motor

Be aware of the federal regulations for your boat's engine power (horsepower) and gross load capacity (maximum weight). According to federal law, motorized boats that are less than 20 feet in length must have a capacity plate in the steering or helm area. The capacity plate is where you can you find the maximum horsepower for your boat Single-axle boat trailers typically weigh up to about 600 lbs and have a capacity up to about 3,300 lbs. Tandem-axle boat trailers usually weigh up to around 1,000 lbs. Some tandem-axle trailers can support boats up to around 8,000 lbs, but this is about the weight at which you'd start considering a triple-axle trailer Boat lifts by capacity. Which boat lift is best for you? How much does your boat weigh? When choosing a boat lift look start with lifting capacity Painted black bunk trailer 16-18' pontoon w/LED lights, 2200/2300 lb. capacity. Painted black bunk trailer 16-18' pontoon w/disc brakes & LED lights, 2700 lb. capacity. Galvanized bunk trailer 16-18' pontoon w/disc brakes & LED lights, 2700 lb. capacity

Typically axle diameters are based on the capacity that the axle is designed to carry. The following guidelines can be used in conjunction with weighing your setup, fully loaded and ready to travel. 1,000-lb - 2,000-lb Axles: 1-1/2 - 1-3/4 inch diameter. 3,500-lb Axles: 2-3/8 inch diameter, Can have a 3-1/2 inch diameter, but rarely Bass Boats (16' - 22' Avg. 1,720 lbs.) Fiberglass boats tend to be heavier in construction, whereas aluminum boats are usually going to be lighter in construction. If you have a mid-size or smaller car you should take this into account. A Charger 210 Elite is a boat that looks good and drives like a sports car while doing it. It weighs. The Lund SSV 16 is the premier Canadian 16' camp boat. The SSV series is a rugged small fishing boat and built with heavy grade aluminum to provide a safe and stable ride. There's even a side console option or a drop-in floor to enhance your fishing boat experience. Great for walleye fishing or running to and from the campsite, these camp.

Number of people = (boat length (ft.) × boat width (ft.)) ÷. 15. For example, for a boat 18 feet long by 6 feet wide, the number of persons is 18 times 6 (or 108) divided by 15, which equals seven 150-pound persons (or a total person weight of 7 × 150, or 1050 pounds). Unit 1 of 6 I have a 16 ft. aluminum Legend fishing boat (side console). The hull Weight is 640 lbs. Maximum capacity is 1,220 lbs. The outboard engine is 25 HP EFI 4-Stroke. The engine's full throttle RPM range is 5000 - 6000 RPM. The boat is not equipped with speedometer

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16 Widebody. $32 Per Week $8,799* *Ontario and Quebec All-In Pricing. Click here for national pricing details. With Mercury 9.9 MLH 4-Stroke (Shown with optional trailer) Boat only price: $6,099 For this type of trailer, the empty weight ranges from 1,100 to 4,400 pounds, and the average is about 2,200 pounds. When loaded with a large boat, the trailer weight increases greatly. The capacity depends on the build of the trailer and its configuration. GVWR can be as low as 5,400 pounds or as high as 34,400 pounds 16ft Naden Aluminum Fishing Boat with 20hp Mercury outboard. This 1960s 16 foot Naden aluminum boat has recently been reconfigured into a bass boat with front deck, rod locker and storage compartments under the deck and seats. It was fully repainted with marine paint. It has 3 pedestal folding seats

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This boat is a triple axle boat with a carrying capacity of 7,000 pounds. The axles and wheels are galvanized and the winch stand is aluminum. The total length of the boat trailer is 33 feet and the boat length that can be towed is between 24' to 28' 1600 dc 16'6 88 35 25 85 ls 1,080 5 1,300 90 24 .080.076 length beam depth interior depth transom width transom height dry weight lbs. maximum persons maximum cap. lbs. maximum h.p. fuel capacity gal. bottom gauge side gauge rib gaug 20 foot Jon boat weight capacity. Lowe Roughneck 2070: weighs 710 pounds with 1,900 pounds of carrying capacity. Crestliner 2070 Retriever: weighs 710 pounds with 1,900 pounds of carrying capacity. G3 Boats Gator Tough (average of 20 foot models): weighs 1,065 pounds with 1,550 pounds of carrying capacity Average Jon Boat Weight (With 33 Examples) In short, most Jon Boats are going to weigh between 400-500 pounds (180-225 kg) which includes both the aluminum hull as well as the engine. Some will weigh as little as 130 pounds (59kg) in total for the 10 foot lengths, while 20 foot boats will weigh upwards of 1,200 pounds (544kg) or more

Boats built by fishermen, for fishermen. Build your boat online then request a catalog. Explore the Lund models. High end materials made for the outdoors If you want to run in shallow water, Waco's 16' Aluminum Jon Boat will take you there in a stable, all welded hull. Even with a lot of weight on board, it provides an extremely stable platform. Nothing beats a big flat bottom. Standard on the 2050-16, PSV-18 and all brushwackers, our heavy-duty interlocking attachment cap rail allows for wiring. I was looking at a 16 foot V Alumacraft aluminum boat that has no engine. I have a 4 stroke Mercury 25 HP engine on my 14 foot aluminum boat. Is this engine too heavy for the 16 footer,my wife thinks it is. This engine is probably too heavy for my 14 footer but it runs the boat nicely Where 063 / 072 is listed that is 5052+36 aluminum alloy with tensile strength of 40,000 PSI (comparable to mild steel) Dimensions and weights are nominal and modest variation may occur Duroboat reserves the right to change specifications at eny time - alternate rating for 5ûHP and 4 person capacity is available on 16 ft boa© (see your dealer

2021 Alumacraft V16. Built to last and at the head of the class with an industry leading aluminum boat design. Weighing a mere 230 and 285 pounds, these all purpose utility boats are easy to move and even easier to get launched. From fishing to duck and goose hunting, the Alumacraft V-Series is a must have addition to your lake shore Boat Weight (in pounds) Minimum Trolling Motor Size (pounds of thrust) Voltage Max Boat Length (in feet) 1,500 or below 30 12 14 1,500 to 2,000 40 - 45 12 15 to 18 2,000 to 2,500 50 - 55 12 12 to 21 2,500 to 3,500 70 24 23 3,500 to 4,000 80 24 25 4,000 to.

Boat Types Deck Inboard/Outboard Outboard Pontoon Series 11STC 12CFS 12DXJ 12STJ 13STC 142MG 1457J 1472J 14CFS 14CRO 14DXJ 14MG 14MGS 15BC 15BCS 15WDC 160MG 161MG 162MG 1672J 168MG 16CCO 16CRO 16DXC 16SCO 16SFS 171LZ 17BCL 17WDC 181MG 182MG 18CRO 18RGI 18SAO 1SC 20RGI 25J 2DJ 3SC 4CR 4DJ 5BC 5WC 6AR 6CR 6DC 6SA 7BC 7WC 818 8CR Alante Alaskan. The stability of the boat overall is unmatched from a 16' aluminum boat. The rod box isn't enclosed, so I can fit my 9' fly rods and 10' crappie poles in there and lock it up. Finally, the massive back deck allows for people to fish from the back of the boat comfortably Total price: $46.40. Add both to Cart Add both to List. Buy the selected items together. This item: Custom Aluminum Boat Capacity & Data Plate Black $29.95. In Stock. Ships from and sold by LAS VEGAS CUSTOM ENGRAVING. Custom Engraved Aluminum Hin Boat Hull Plate $16.45. In Stock Take the carrying capacity and multiply that by 150. For example, let's say we have a 17.4-foot canoe that is 3.5 feet wide. 17.4 X 3.5 = 60.9 / 15 = 4. This canoe can hold up to 4 people. 4 X 150 = 600 pounds. This is close to the weight capacity that your canoe can hold. Of course, there are other factors that apply

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Dry Weight: 225 lbs. Max Persons: 3. 35 hp. Beam: 68 in. Dry Weight: 270 lbs. Max Persons: 4. Interior Depth: 21 in. Transom Width: 59 in. Max Capacity: 850 lbs. Length: 14'11 Package Weight: 0. Depth: 27. Learn More Compare. Boat Comparison. Find a Dealer . Find a Dealer . Brochure Request. Dealer Locator. Let one of our amazing dealers. Used Aluminum Bass Boats; 2001 XPRESS 16 ft. Modified V Aluminum Fishing Boat. 1997 Mercury 40 HP motor. Chat Now Send Inquiry (12 foot aluminum grumman row boat) whats the max. Overview. From the line of riveted TOPPER™ models to the extra-rugged, all-welded GRIZZLY® boats, TRACKER® has a jon boat that meets your needs just right. Whichever you choose, you will receive top-quality, long-lasting construction. GRIZZLY console-equipped models take that quality even further by providing a full package experience. 960 W. Levoy Drive, Suite 100 Taylorsville, UT 84123 1-800-869-1686 001-801-571-0071 (Outside the U.S.A

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Versatile 16-foot aluminum fishing boats like the Lund 1625 Fury XL have been top sellers across North America for generations. Fast Facts. Length: 16' 3 Beam: 80 Dry weight: 1,090 lbs Fuel capacity: 12 gal. Passenger capacity: 5 Maximum power: 60 hp. Trailer weight 500 lbs to 1100 lbs. Combined weight 2200 lbs to 2800 lbs. Length 17 feet to 22 feet. Before we share with you the 19 best bass boat and their weights, let us look at the impact of the trailer on the towing weight The thumb rule for calculating pontoon boat weight on the go; consider a 100 pounds for every foot of your boat length. At last, add the additional weights of fuel ( 6.2 lbs per gallon ), fire extinguisher, anchors and other heavy accessories. Knowing your boat weight is not just important also understanding what that means The Package weight listed is 1,272 lbs. You can probably find a 14 ft jon w/about 20 hp motor in you weight range. See the Specs below: Length 16' 1'' Beam 70 Transom Height 20 Bottom Width 48 Max. Recommended HP 30 HP Max. Person Capacity 3 Persons Max. Person Weight 435 Lbs. Max. Weight Capacity 855 Lbs

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Gregor Welded Boats. In 1964, Gregor Boat Company opened for business when it introduced an all-welded aluminum boat, constructed utilizing the THERMOTROL Welding System; a patented process created by George Gregory. That 13' boat was evolutionary and set a new standard of quality. The Standard of Excellence Pontoon boats are almost always used on freshwater, inland. Freshwater weighs about 62 pounds per cubic foot of water. We will use this information to help determine the weight capacity of your pontoon boat. To do this you just take the overall volume of your boat's pontoons and multiply it by 62 lbs Follow Us: A typical 12-foot aluminum boat weighs about 200 pounds. This type of craft is used as a rowboat, or a motor is attached for additional power. These recreational boats are often used for fishing. Although they function well in fresh water, aluminum boats that are 12 feet long are also large enough to cruise the ocean shore The maximum recommended horsepower engine for this configuration is the 75 hp, and the boat has a built-in 12-gallon fuel tank. This dresses the boat out at an approximate wet weight of 1,049 pounds, with a package weight of 1,825 pounds. This allows a 1,090 pounds maximum weight capacity and maximum four-person weight of 575 pounds Heavy duty one-piece 0.190 bottom and 0.125 sidewall thickness. Available in 10 or 14 degree full vee bottoms. Engineered chine, bottom design, sidewall flare and lifting strakes assure dry, comfortable ride. The Stryker was designed to be wide, deep, stable and secure making it an ideal all-seasons sport boat

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2013 2012Lund SSV 16. N/A. The Lund SSV series takes convenience and durability to another level. Built with heavy grade aluminum, our fish boats provide a safe and stable ride. Great for walleye fishing or running to and from the camp site, these fishing boats will provide an ultimate experience. Compare The total weight of your boat, engine, fuel, water and gear must not exceed the trailer's maximum load carrying capacity. Overloading a trailer can cause serious injury, property damage, or even death. Note: Maximum load carrying capacity is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) less the weight of the empty trailer These Boat Trailer Axles are ideal for all types of boats and personal water crafts. You will see 2 Square Galvanized axles on jetski trailers, skiff trailers, flats boat trailers, and many other types of boat trailers. At first glance, when mounted on a trailer, it looks just like a 3,500lb capacity axle because the tubing of both is a 2 x 2

Aluminum Skiff models are wide, low easy launching trailers designed for center console fishing boats. This model fits 15' - 16' boats Load capacity - 2000 lbs Tire size - 13 Aluminum I beam frame Aluminum v-bend cross members Plastic fenders w/ back & step. A convenient medium-duty load guide that is easy to install and fits most small to medium EZ Loader boat trailers. Upgrade your trailer with these aluminum wheels. Available in 12 through 16 wheels. Replaces the regular two bunk system with a heavy-duty 3x4 four bunk pivoting system for increased support Nemo Power Tools Underwater Drill, Nemo Power Tools Boat & Yacht, 16 Ft Depth. Sold by PST Pool Supplies. $27.12 $26.71. ANCOR SAFTY DUPLEX CABLE 16/2 AWG FLAT 25FT. Sold by Stock4Less. $27.83 $19.48. SUPERNIGHT 600 LEDs Light Strip Waterproof, SUPERNIGHT 16.4FT Green LED Rope Lighting Flexible Tape Decorate for Bedroom Boat Car TV backli 2021 Alumacraft 1232 JON. Looking for an ultra tough aluminum jon boat that can handle any job on the water? Alumacraft jon boats are constructed from a rugged aluminum build that's designed for shallow water adventures. Maneuverable and easy to transport, the Alumacraft jon boat has it all for both work and play Length 16'5 Beam 85 Dry Weight (Boat only) 925 lbs Maximum HP 90 Fuel Capacity 24 Weight as tested (Approximate) 1,755 lbs Note: Test weight may include 1/2 tank of fuel, 1 battery, safety & test Equipment Honda BF 75 Horsepower 75 HP Displacement 1.5 L. Dry Weight (engine) 359 lbs Gear Ratio 2.33:1 Mounting Height #2 Propeller

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  1. Boats powered by outboards: The maximum persons capacity in pounds and maximum weight capacity (persons, motor and gear) in pounds and maximum horsepower capacity. Boats powered by inboards and stern drives: the maximum persons capacity in pounds and maximum weight capacity (persons and gear). The Coast Guard Safe Powering Standard does not apply to inboards, stern drives, etc
  2. Special orders may alter Horse Power &/or Capacity Specifications. WELD-CRAFT .080 FLAT JON BOATS SPECIFICATIONS. MODEL: BOAT WEIGHT: SHAFT: 1660 SSRL.100: 16' 60 83 22 497: 22 65: 80: 1660 DSRL.100: 16' 60 85 26 517: 22 70: 80: 1760 SSRL.100: 17' 60 83 22 527: 22 70: 80: 1760 DSRL.100: 17' 60 85 26 547: 22 75: 80: 1860.
  3. Your Boat's Gross Load Capacity and Horsepower Recommendations. You must be aware of the federal regulations for your boat's engine power (horsepower) and gross load capacity (maximum weight). According to federal law, motorized boats that are less than 20 feet in length must have a capacity plate in the steering or helm area
  4. imum. But I run a lot of open water with big loads and don't want to be underpowered and get into trouble
  5. Sec. 183.35—Maximum weight capacity: Outboard boats (a) The maximum weight capacity marked on a boat that is designed or intended to use one or more outboard motors for propulsion must be a number that does not exceed one-fifth of the difference between its maximum displacement and boat weight. (b) For the purposes of paragraph (a) of this.
  6. 16 ft Canoe Weight Limit Examples. Most 16′ canoes are all-day use, overnight, and multi-day touring canoes designed to hold the weight of 2 to 3 people and a moderate amount of gear. How much weight can a 16 foot canoe hold? The average 16′, 2-person canoe can hold 940 pounds of passengers and gear at its maximum capacity
  7. 1982 Alumacraft 16 ft Lunker. I recently inherited a Deep V, 16 foot Alumacraft Lunker. The boat is rated for 35 hp and has still has the original motor on it with a clunky trolling plate. I'm thinking of putting a new motor on it that can troll down to slower speeds. Here is my question

Aluminum White Water Prams. The Koffler 8′, 10′, and 12′ welded aluminum prams are built with the lone hunter or fisherman in mind for the greatest mobility and easy handling.The 10′ and 12′ aluminum prams are also suitable for two persons. As a small drift boat, the pram is the highest quality, most stable and maneuverable welded. Extremely light weight aluminum hull, 60 Horses will move this boat with ease. 19 Bayrunner Baja with Tube Type Leaning post, rocket launchers, and folding foot rest. 21 Bayrunner Baja, the BIG FELLA. The ultimate in fishing, stability, size, range, and weight. One of the lightest 21′ aluminum hulls ever made. Use this for big water. The MXL has an extra wide aluminum floor similar to the Marsh Series, but is offered in larger sizes. This boat is built with the bass fisherman in mind, offering several console options and all around maneuverability for the fisherman. The MXL is available in both side and center console packages with options and upgrades to both All Hand-Welded Aluminum Construction. Long Life, Minimal Maintenance, and Proven Marine Durabilit person capacity 4 5 7 person wt. capacity ™lbsš 660 825 1155 max. wt. capacity ™lbsš 1232 1544 1945 max. hp ™tillerš 70 80 95 max. hp ™standŸup consoleš 90 115 150 boat dry wt. ™lbsš 900 1000 1100 fishing cockpit ™w x lš 70 x 101.5 70 x 125 70 x 145.5 bow length 49.5 49.5 49.5 features 5 6 16' 18' 20' optiona

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Calculate the passenger capacity yourself. Multiply the length of your boat by the width of your boat and divide it by 15 to get the number of people your boat can safely hold. For example, if your boat is 30 feet long and 15 feet wide, your boat's capacity would be 30 x 15 / 15, which is 30. Figure the weight capacity of your boat ANGLER V16 F OVERVIEW Standard Package Riveted, .080 gauge hull with GX2 .064 double-plated bow Painted high-gloss colors with custom graphics Rubber-infused Kodiak® coated 3 tubular steel tandem axle Trail Guard® trailer with locking detachable tongue 13 radial tire Length: 20' 10. Beam: 101. Dry weight: 1,598 lbs. Fuel capacity: 52 gal. Passenger capacity: 10. Maximum power: 250 hp. Starcraft has been building boats since 1903, and all of the company's expertise comes to the fore in its Fishmaster 210; a no-nonsense offshore aluminum boat that's built for big water Hull volume (m3)= max weight (Tonne) x 2 to have your hull or pontoon half submerged at max loading. If you said 10 Ton of boat load max (say 40ft alloy or 35ft steel) you need 20m3 of hull -2 pontoons of around 1m square or a flat bottom hull 0.5 m deep. Rating. caveat The USCG, ABYC, Canada and ISO all rate capacity for boats under 20 feet (6m) the same way. It is not based on a specific weight of a person such as 150 or 160 pounds. Capacity on small boats is based on displacement weight. This is the amount of weight it would take to sink the boat

The largest boat I'm looking at would ben 16ft. aluminum. Like i said, that Lowe I'm looking at lists at a dry weight of 484lbs. and I can't expect a 35hp older motor would weigh more than 150lbs. so you're looking at 634lbs. with boat and motor and I'm guessing the trailer probably isn't more than 350lbs. so all totaled that's 984lbs Fuel Capacity (gallons) Length Beam Weight (boat only) Capacity (persons/lbs.) Capacity (lbs.) Inside Depth Transom Width Chine Width (at Transom) Transom / Bracket Height (for engine) Aluminum Gauge Boat Motor and Trailer Legnth Towing Weight Draft with Drive Down Draft with Drive Up Deadrise (degree) 220 22 6 1858 (8) 1200 2000 N/A .100 398 Trailer Weight - approx. 723 lbs. for a single axle galvanized trailer. Gross Trailer Weight (GTW) - 2,045 lbs. Sometimes known as the towing weight or trailer weight, this is the combined weight of the boat, motor, gear and fuel, and trailer. Xpress Boats X17 Pro. Xpress is another manufacturer of high-quality aluminum boats Hull dry weight, in pounds: Fuel tank capacity, in gallons: Fuel Density (in pounds/gallon): Gasoline is about 6.1 lbs/gallon: Approximate Motor Weight (in pounds): Just a guess, to start. Adjust using real data after you get close. Secondary Propulsion Weight (in pounds): This could be a kicker motor or an electric trolling motor: Number of. Old wooden boats were heavy to load, so Bill and Chick came up with the idea for a lighter weight boat. In 1945, at the end of World War II, they were able to purchase surplus aluminum from the government and the aluminum boat industry was born with the first flat bottom aluminum boat

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Typically a 16-ft modular ramp setup is long enough to create a load angle that will allow most cars and autos to be loaded. Of course with the Heavy Duty Stepdeck Aluminum Ramps, loading up an excavator, dozer or fire truck is no problem. Heavy Duty Step Deck Ramps that are rated at 20,000 lb max axle are typically 18 wide or 20 wide The Star Step IO Series includes four models with a capacity weight ranging from 1,550 to 1,900 lbs. Boat lengths include 19 feet; 20 feet, 4 inches; and 21 feet, 7 inches. Each boat offers a 94-inch transom width. For example, the Star Step 221 IO boat generates 425 horsepower, holds up to 51 gallons of gas and can haul up to 4,705 lbs 25 circular logs 26 feet in length are calculated at 490 square inch section (3.4 feet). 3.4 x 26 = 88 cubic feet. a cubic foot of space holds about 7.4 gallons water, so displaces about 62 pounds. 88 X 62 = 5456 pounds fully immersed displacement per log, assuming no log weight and fill dimensional fill Boats under 3500 pounds can typically be hauled with a single-axle trailer; those over 3500 pounds are best carried by a tandem-axle model. Frame —The frame of a trailer gives it its structural integrity. Frames are typically made from steel or aluminum

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I have a 14 foot aluminum boat, with a 9.8 outboard. An average days gear and it weights 960 pounds to tow. There are people who say you shouldn't tow that close to your max capacity but I think you'll be okay, probably more applys to trucks since the big 3 have been exaggerating their Towing capacities a bit Quality Construction. Why is a Ranger® the best bet in aluminum boats? Wood-free, all-welded construction are two great places to start. Back those up with our unflinching eye toward quality, and you've got a dependable, durable rig tailor-made for whatever moves you. LEARN MORE Remember that your standard pontoon trailer weighs around 1,200 pounds. Combine that with the average pontoon weight of 2,200 pounds and you have an overall weight of 3,400 pounds, boat and trailer. If this is your first time hauling a pontoon boat, you must double check the towing capacity on your truck before taking the boat to the marina Boat trailers have to tackle some of the most punishing conditions out there, from salt water immersion to mud to year-round weather. They also have to provide exactingu0003hull support on the road and easy loading and unloading at the water's edge. Load Rite trailers give you the best of both worlds. Our heavy-duty galvanized and aluminum. EZ Loader Adjustable Boat Trailers offers finishes including galvanized, aluminum, and powder coated to the 1000 pound to 15,000 pound capacity

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Whether you need a brief refresher or a simple introduction, it is difficult to know about boat weights off the top of your head. Here are some general guidelines you can use to estimate your boat's weight. Pontoon boats weigh 2,200 pounds. Sailboats (18′ - 22′) also weigh in at about 2,200 pounds The boat's rated capacity (Maximum Persons/Motor/Gear Weight) is 1500lb. The conversion adds several hundred pounds. So, four non-overweight adults would likely not exceed the boat's rated maximum capacity. (I'm 6' tall, 170 pounds.) However, four overweighters probably would result in exceeding the boat's rated capacity Nylon or plastic cleats are fine for small boat rigging, flags and other low-load applications, but for moorings, docking, and ot her uses that involve the security of your boat, stick to the stronger metals. Best buys on our test list are the four-hole stainless, marinium and bronze six-inch cleats, and the two hole aluminum cleat (B) at $16.95 158CS. The 158CS was designed for escapades beyond the jetty or shuttling provisions to a private island picnic. Its rugged construction and deep-V hull give it the feel of a much larger boat. The versatile 158CS packs the big boat features into a compact package, such as a self-bailing deck, hefty-functional cockpit, ample storage, and the. ALEKO Inflatable Fishing Boat With Aluminum Floor 6 Prs 12.5 Ft Blue. 0. Sold by Tekcom Shop USA. $149.99 - $189.99 $119.99 - $159.99