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  3. April 1, 2020 ~ Miyabi Graal. ~ 4 Comments. I'm trying new shading techniques and these heads were made from scratch so if you do edit any of them I advise you not to remove my watermarks please. Always give proper credit. Here's some possible bodies to use with this head: The first body is from Totoro Gfx
  4. Male Heads. Female. bodies. non- human/other. Templates. Other Sites! Feedback. cc = color changeable. dont forget to set transparency on cc bodies
  5. heads, bodies, ideas # Original B) Bodies graal bodies. Image From yours truly, I give you the SpiderMan body (I guess lol) Posted on July 30, 2016 by killakarisma Posted in Bodies Leave a comment Image You people probably don't care but, this is me on Graal right now, any questions, comments or concerns, just pm me

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Bodies (boys) You can change colors on these: You can't change colors on these: Like this Graaloween Special. yes. I know I know I know. I've been lazy posting, but very busy in real life. Plus I don't like latest Graal Updates. After farming and bug catching was nerfed, I considered looting as a good method making money, but now they really decimated the amount of gralats earned. On the other side prices for items raise like. graal aesthetics - Page 3 - (~uwu)~. August 1, 2018. August 1, 2018. Leave a comment. Here's 4 sets for you all! c: Thanks to Twelve for editing my head with the beautiful scar, and eyes! She also makes beautiful grab animations. Bodies are CC!! -Trannada & Twelve

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Graal Customs and Weird Stuff. This was a huge post for me ;w; sO many recolors and gifs I had to do. Happy Fourth to the peoples who celebrate and Happy Canada Day, although a little late. Credit to UnknxGfx, SleepusGraal, and CDGraalGfx.. This was a cute head that caught my eye and was originally made by SleepusGraal/Lyvia (watermark on the bottom of the head) I tried to re-shade. Heyo, it's kinda been a long time, like a week or something It feels like an eternity since I've last posted because school has started again and it's such a paaiiiiin ( i cant play graal as much as i want to and i cant edit as much as i want to) Anyways, this body was a request and I had a lot of fun making it! ^~^ I'm always open for requests however I might take some time. Chimmy. English. Some time ago I wanted to make this change because Jimin is not such an original name, so currently my profile looks like this: *⭐ChimmyGfx is a temporary name, you can find me through the guild JiminG. Português. A Algum tempo que eu queria fazer essa mudança por Jimin não é um nome tão original, então atualmente meu perfil se. message me in graal If their is a head you want too get it, simply just 1. Right click the head 2. Save file as 3. Go to era uploading site 4. Make sure you click yes for transperancy 5. Get 20,000 gralats on graal 6. Get your head :

Editing graal head for fun <3 <3. Bread♡ gfx. Seraphimgfx. For all your graphics needs! jun's site. hi sillys. Alearte_uwu. Graal Customs & Anime Art. RevolveGfx. Graal Era - Custom Uploads! AlvionitaGfx - Graal Edit - Goblin. Brooke. Rene. Heads and bodies. maxigfx. lifeagegfx. Be fearlessly authentic Astraea Gfx. I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream. -Vincent van Gog I have used think pallet multiple times in the past for a more consistent look in my uploads and will continue to be using it more often in bodies with extensions and heads for boys and girls. I encourage you guys to use this as well if you want to match a body extension to a head from this site that follows a similar pattern Two weeks ago I posted a few polls *here*. Thanks to all who voted! Here is a preview of the heads I will be posting. The order is from left to right, I will post number 1 then I will post both 2's and so on. My personal favorites are numbers 1, 4A, 4B, and 8B! Not all of the bodies in this picture are on LLclassic either because they're.

bodies. Directions: 1. Click on any head. 2. Right click and press save as. 3. Now you have the image to upload to Graal. AND, feel free, to do any recolors or edits that you like on paint horn-shield-leah.png (only work for classic) my unicorn shield :D. and here is some other shield i made :D (for classic but i've lost the templates) leahshield.png (tape on mouth) leahshield2.png (cat ears) cookiebyleahshield.png (a little cookie) leahpurplenodeshield.png (a little purple node) i made them when i was noob xD so keep caaalm There is no need to put it on your status unless you really love the head and believe others will like it too! - Enjoy the graphics, you guys all deserve to have nice customs that others will love! -For further news, please follow to my wordpress, there might be special customs or events I might do for suscribers c;<. Thanks For Reading by Brianna December 19, 2017. December 19, 2017. Hi. More customs I didn't end up keeping, since that seems to be all I'm ever posting. Sorry. Ok, enjoy. Full credit to Ally for the gif and indexing the body. Also, if you're going to use or edit our heads I'd really appreciate of you didn't take full credit, thanks Hmm hi so a friend of mine requested me to ifile the heads of the gang named Menace2Society..so i did and i decided to post their heads here. January 9, 2017. January 9, 2017. by graaleraifiles Leave a comment. Posts navigation

Someone asked me how to convert the image (head,body) .jpeg to .png so you can upload them. Graal classic don't support .jpeg so they must be .png. Using paint: Copy/paste the selected image Save the image as Change on the image name .jpeg to .png Click on « save » You are done ! Using photoshop (CS5): Copy/paste the selected imag Add New Rare Head And Bodies Sets. Create A New Head Editing System. Fix All Problems In All Heads And Bodies One By One. Add New Ways So Visitors Can Communicate With Us. And Soon We Will Do More And More Events Inside Graal. Its was a moment that we dreamt about,Thank You All 100k visitors<3. By:Dram Gun. Reviewed By:MadMax Dn Inspired by Cilia R. Katen <3. Okay, so if your walking around graal wearing one of head/body edits and a person pms you asking where you got your head/body please say www.derpgraal.weebly.com or juss derptastics website! please.. Male Bodies (GraalOnline) Share/Compartilhe: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window) Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window So! I have decided to go with giving you my personals and starting anew with my look. Enjoy these! I don't really know what I based the braided head off of, it's been so long so idk who to give reference creds to ): but my more recent ones, the body is from Triniwix and extensions from Miyabi GFX!The face was referenced from a friend's face, I forgot the website she got hers on but if.

I hang infront of the bank, inside the bank, or at the Graal City gate, advertising my Codeshop. I either have a white haired head on, or a brown haired head with glasses! (Brown was edited by me, supposed to be me) (and the white haired is made by my best friend Quercy! His site is quercygfx.wordpress.com Body:100 Bugs Status Code:130 Bugs Era: Need your own custom?Well.That costs money!PM me on Era Nay Head:200 Shells Body:400 Shells Status Code:300 Shells. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates

ChaoSQueeN HarleY - Quin (5uicidE 5quaD) [Graal Online Ol' West] Ven (5uicidE 5quaD) [Graal Online Ol' West] Psycho Kizza (5uicidE 5quaD) [Graal Online Ol' West] redd (5uicidE 5quaD) [Graal Online Ol' West] Meechie (5uicidE 5quaD) [Graal Online Ol' West] Nightmare Khalifa (5uicidE 5quaD) [Graal Online Ol' West] iZap (Cosmic) [Graal Online Ol' West] Iceman (iFreeze

Bodies. hiii!well im only posting heads on this site but i noticed that almost heads that have extension can be found at outcasted gfx..well thats all xD. January 16, 2017 by graaleraifiles Leave a comment. Post navigation ☆ Graal and Edits ☆ Okay sooO, I recently saw Líly latest post abt making heads from scratch so I've tried testing it I have no idea if it's gonna b good since I'm only a newbie LOL.. Thanks to lily for teaching me abt braid . Unfortunately, I didn't finish the ext cuz I'm lazy and tired but I'll edit this post once I fix it

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***** IMPORTANT: If you upload droon uploads to Graal and they are being disapproved, it is not because something is wrong with the uploads. The simple truth is that several admins in Graal dislike them for personal reasons All you need to do is pm me on Graal if you want an upload (i only upload when im on graal) and if you want a body indexed or extension color changed you email me the body at Kaleygraal1222@gmail.com and i will do it for you and send it back(: If you ask me for anything other than those 3 things I will ignore your pm or email, sorry to be so.

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IDINATA GRAAL. Home. Girl Heads. Boy Heads. Girl bodies. Boy Bodies. Girl Bodies! Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started Old Personals and New Heads. August 6, 2020. August 6, 2020. ~ M. ~ Leave a comment. Hi all, I hope your summer has been going well. Here are two of my personal heads I used, and also the first head is what my sister edited! The second row are new heads! (: Credits: Kyotness (first), Dxviolet (2nd), Elgfx (3-6 Download the app puffin browser (free is fine) and search the graal uploading site on the app c: you can still save the head/body/file to your photos. :3. Reply ↓. Riley on January 20, 2016 at 7:25 pm said: Thx. Lucy on January 19, 2016 at 8:56 pm said Ms. black Maid it is very nice you want to share with the world but can you take the charm hearts body off please?? it was a friend who made it so can you take if off? if you can great! if you can't why? Reply. Mrs. Black Maid says: November 7, 2013 at 4:45 pm lulz. Reply

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- Double check the email you submitted your work is the same one you linked to your graal account. Prices for uploads depends on which custom you are submitting. Again note that you have the correct amount of graalats in game before submitting on the website. Heads - 20,000 Graalats Bodies - 10,000 Graalats Shields - 2,500 Graalat heads, bodies, ideas # Original B) Heads graal heads. Image this head got ifiled twice and was alr posted on another site speaking of which STOP IFILING ME YOU UNORIGINAL (censored). (: so here are my OLD personals. creds to Universally gfx. Posted on July 3, 2021 by graaltae Posted in Heads Leave a comment Imag Christmas Hoodies - Female Body On December 6, 2017 December 6, 2017 By orianagraal Leave a comment Hello guys, please enjoy these Christmas Hoodies<3 if you get one pm me on Graal, I would love to see!

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Zombie head for Halloween. October 28, 2018. ~ smileypalooza. ~ Leave a comment. Enjoy this zombie head ADD ME ON GRAAL ERA Cute Princess Noob Jewl.c(Cheerleaderforever) for more info. this is also a body iv been looking for a year on graal era!! THIS IS COLOUR CHAGEABLE SET...(DONT KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT) READ! add me on graal era Jewl* Chamberlain(sub room) can you vote me to be PR too!! NEW BODY SUPER CUTE. THIS IS A BODY IV BEEN LOOKING. Atlantis Graal consists of five awesome members, and we'd love for you guys feedback! Check the contact page for more info. We'd also appreciate it if you guys' clicked on any ads because we are trying to upgrade our website as soon as possible. Virtual hugs and kisses, xx. Team Atlantis. lilsgfx.weebly.com. Hey ya'll But then she shouldn't be so hard on you seeing as she takes Kuroneko's heads and bodies and edits them for herself For example, her wordpress has a head that Kuroneko made for MayuP on graal era, and she claims she made it from scratch it's just sad to see that a girl who apparently passed away still hasn't obtained any credit

IDINATA GRAAL. Home Girl Heads Boy Heads Girl bodies Boy Bodies Boy Heads! Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started. Home Girl Heads Boy Heads Girl bodies Boy Bodies. But feel better and try make this male head. Rene. Image | 17.03.2021. 17.03.2021. | renesmeegraal. Finnaly my baby girls. Original head and body from here. All face, and eyes eyes and everyhing till bangs from sexy bear. I edit lil bit asf Hi everyone! I actually edited again and regained a little bit of motivation so here are some male heads I edited in qwerty's style for you guys. Gif type and style credits go to qwerty and original head credits go to outcased gfx, body credits go to team4gfx. -Pb I am back yes yes and I have a new set for you all hehe it's a doll set it's not a big edit but I did what I thought would be cute. credit to Maru for helping me with the body. original head is from maru. face template made by me ! Body from totoro. extensions by poochy. heres the set please enjoy Download the images attached to this post (at the bottom; there is a dark noob head, a body template, and a head template). Upload these files to your server. Upload the script to your server and add it to everyone on . This script assumes that you use levels/heads, levels/bodies, and levels/shields

GFX Dump/Collab with Cookie (A.J.) April 19, 2017. April 20, 2017. ~ AJ's Realm of Waffles and GFX ~ 4 Comments. Hellooo Cookies! Today, I'm giving you guys another gfx dump, but with a twist! I thought of and decided to set up a gfx collab with Cookie, where each of us has to make some sort of GFX, and then spookify it! Here's mine, please. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Starte

Ok I still play graal but don't get the wrong idea, I don't do GFX anymore. I just feel like I need to state something because literally it bothers me that much some of you people are like this. So lets say you like a head or body or something and you want to maybe edit it a little Old/new personal. 11 April 2021. 21 April 2021. Matti. Soo I wanted to buy it, but again I don't have money. Credits to https://zoeygraalxo.wordpress.com and to me (ideas) and Mai (effective edit) since we edited it. Graal Upload Head (Girls) | lucygraal.wordpress.com TaylorRichaards.com is an index of Graal Online's public content. All work is the property of its respective owners Devo. Posted on December 24, 2015. by Orange GFX. 0. Haven't posted in a while, college got busier dont have much time to open my account. And I think I might give graal a break (and i've been missing alot of event but ugh dont have a choice) cus I need to focus on my studies, first. So ya

Graal Online Heads and Bodies. I asked him where did he get it and he said that Moon made for him. Bilsangfx, Ephemeralgfx, and Recygfx for the female heads. Get Started. PM or Chu(Uzi Family) or This was a huge post for me ;w; sO many recolors and gifs I had to do. Submit. Welcome to ByYogy.weebly.com You can use the custom bodies and. Body. Shield. Sword. Guild Logo. Guild Hat. Guild Accessory. Make personal? Enter your guild information. Select a file to upload


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GraalOnline Classic; GraalOnline Era; GraalOnline Zone; GraalOnline Olwest-+ Shop; Map; News; Feedbac About Us. female bodies. Any Head or body didnt work?Just send it to me at gmail (moaaza30@gmail.com) and tell me its problem. Contact Me. I am New site owner and i am working on drawing new heads and bodies on graal era. If you want to own head or body contact me on graal era :MadMax (Bomb Enjoy the codes. :) Please PM me if you find that any of the codes are not working. I make and customize public and personal shields. PM on graal era if you are interested. (visit the home page.. You will be held responsible for the images you upload. This includes the following - Pokemon, Batman, Digimon, Spongebob. Visual Effects: No invisible, hard to see or half transparant images. Upload Limits: there is a limit on uploads per player, please make sure your files are ok and don't resubmit the same file again Male heads. Directions: 1. Click on any head. 2. Right click and press save as. 3. Now you have the image to upload to Graal. AND, feel free, to do any recolors or edits that you like on paint.net

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Male Heads. Welcome to the Male Heads Section! All the customs here have been Edited/Made by us and us only, if you ever find any of our work on another website, it's not theirs. This page is so you can find male heads easier. If there are any problems leave a comment in the comment section. Credits are given at the Home Page PDA. View Full Version : Graal 'Classic' 3D (picture heavy) trifle. 03-22-2010, 05:58 PM. I made this because I would have loved to play a Graal (Classic) 3D game. These models are extreamly low poly, and the textures is as you can all see mostly taken from pics1.png, although since it's all 2d, I had to make some alterations to make it fit to.

E-mail address. Head (20,000 Gralats) Body (10,000 Gralats) Set Transparency. This sets the transparent color as the same color in the top left corner of the image. Please follow these guidelines exactly before submitting an image to our system, otherwise you may find that your graphic is disallowed. You may not upload any graphics that are. Click on this link if you want to hangout and chill. Discord Link here! Chill server we currently have 200+ members *We accept everyone :)* ***please note we are a new server, so please help support us :)***-If you were wondering whether you should join us thank you for taking your time -Also we allow Advertising We gamers, drama queens and memers **we are looking for staffs if. Feminine Chain Body. Edited more of a feminine version of the popular chain body that's being uploaded left and right. I'm not sure who the original owner is of the chain body but if you're aware please let me know so I can properly credit them. (free to edit ofc) Credits: Bryden ♥. Pastel Dragon ♥. Who ever created the chain body ♥

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I have a lot of uploads to show you all. but I'm a bit busy as you can see. or lazy. lol. Anyway, here's the pancho preview. (Sorry the image is quite small) I will make the pancho multicolored. Thank you for visiting Sleepus Graal! -Leslie End. by Soroya. I believe most of us who worked here, including Joyce herself, has moved on from graal. It was a fun run while it lasted and I can't believe people still view this site so much. Since this website is kinda dead, I've started my own with a friend of mine. Peachesgfx. Feel free to check it out since, yk, we're no longer. ONE PUNCH MAN. (Darkstar) Hello otakus! i made a ONE PUNCH MAN head from scratch a long time ago and i decided to upload it now. i think it'd be really cool to see a graal version of one punch man walking around and stuff lol! so there you go! credits to me for the head :) enjoy! R a m & R e m -CXu

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This was a body long due. It was supposed to be done 3 months ago but a narcissistic fuck had to commission it. They don't play Graal anymore and I've cut ties with them. I finished the original (female) and made some recolors for it. I made a slight change on the female making it more like a boy in one of the vers (the one with a rose. Ok I'll be back! I'm sure this time! Anyways I'll be back on the web! Now I'm working on sets nezuko from kimtsu no yaiba! if this nezuko set is successfully made! finally! thank you for still supporting my WTF web! Bad english! Note:-Dont Stole Anything from my web without credits or anything. From -Vic-. Back at 28/10 (My birthday Set transperency for ones with a coloured backgroun today I finish a doll body from long time ago & it has 3 other recolors too (am not sure if people still upload doll bodies anymore; but if graal rules don't accept doll bodies anymore let me know!!) also i removed the background color so no more checking the Set Transparency box .

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  1. Graal online. On my blogg so can you find bodies and heads and profile 'S (OPSS only for girls) xoxoduckyedits. smexy graal edits . Layla,Reechu and Kit. Every few days, we post our graphics stuff here c
  2. Taking edits for tro pm me on graal (cx) gang leader or hmu disc ger#7431. Credits to aruegfx for the small body, era body and aot ideas. Credit to the owner of this girly body, forgive me for forgetting your site and I just post the original body. Credits to ruby for the cape and sabgfx for the foots out there
  3. This body was requested by someone on Graal and I was pleased to edit the body. The original body - killagraalgfx. In a month or so, it will be Graaloween! I've been preparing several bodies because I've realised that I'm extremely slow at editing xD. <just a sneak peak> The Graaloween bodies I'm thinking of editing include a clown.

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  2. But maybe your graal character likes being a school girl. lol. SET TRANSPARENCY. The body is indexed, which means that it is COLOR CHANGEABLE. If you are to edit this body, before you start, go to image, mode, and click RGB. Then when you edit the body, the colors will not be distorted
  3. Graal-Gfx - Home. Welcome! All customs are free please take a look! Tell me if you want a recolor or any animations on heads I charge 100 for shells. Just PM me in game I am Dylan with (iFreeze) tag. The some of the customs on this website are made others so please give them credit:)
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by Kelsi. So yeah, i started a personal blog with my friend belle, its gonna be like a journal xD Alot of things happen in graal, and I want to share with you guys c: but I will of course continue with this site (duh) Ily you guys so much! See you there! graaladorakelsi.wordpress.com. 25 Oct 2014 SHOW OFF HIDDEN BODY ART. 11 of 13 11. STICK TO ONE COLOR. 12 of 13 12. CONSIDER WEARING A MASK (REALLY) 13 of 13 13. LOOK AWAY WHENEVER CAMERAS ARE NEAR. Close this dialog window Share & More Lily's Mall. Aya's Little Closet. Maekami's Bar. pretty neat gfx. Izaria CrUeL's GFX. Nammie gfx. Madeline's Princess Castle. sleepus graal graphics

After leaving Balamb Island, you are free to explore the big world of Graal. If you die, you will drop a small portion of your bombs and arrows, but you can still respawn on the same spot you were at. Also, you can find stores where you can buy different customization items, like hats and bodies, but for these you need the Customization Pack. 3:52. Boy To Sexy Girl FULL BODY Transformation Makeover. CDUTUBEV. 10:58. Marinette and Adrien switch bodies/ body swap L.O.L. Doll akumatized miraculous ladybug doll. Vicatitic. 10:31. Bad Silicone Baby Transforms into Granny Reborn Baby Dolls Switch Bodies Body Swap Toy Freaks Out! Caboruziy body.. also a head. May 17, 2020. May 24, 2020 ~ Sof. ~ 1 Comment. the heads were made from scratch (it was my personal. if you want more recolors hmu) the body was an edit. combined from qwerty+aleks+eranox. SET TRANS FOR THE BODIES! DO NOT SET TRANS FOR THE HEADS ok if u use paint you click on the template (most dont work for some reason just basic shield pic of noob and swords work for me) then save them, open on paint. use the bucket to make back round the same and get rid of stuff u dont want. then draw. when your done save it and open ur email. attach the file and email to graal with the subject.

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Here are some status fonts for your status! These are some not all but i'm always accepting helpers Font face=1979> > <font face=thegodfather> <font face=hyperspeed. Visit the post for more

NEW top cute dog pretty puppy kitty cat black white dino grey pink little smal small big girl kawai black eyes brown hair white shoes hannah baker adidas nike blue dinosaur london IN style skin for girl at year 2017 and 2018 by victoria secret and calvin klein clothes sun day night moon rain snow christmas GIRL hacker floor. 34 These are all the shield codes I know of. These are all working, I checked most of them myself. I will add and update as I can. If something does not work or you know new codes, please tell me in the comments below or pm me on Era. Pm me on Era ( Mischievous Fox) to see them work if you need to~. setshield whitedevil-sparklewings.gif BACKGROUND CODES.... Just Remember That You CAN Copy And Paste, Writing It Takes Too Long!! -HERES SOME <blink> text here will blink <b> Bold <u> underline <slash> Slashed your text <br> This.. The State is the premier military guild that introduced the possibility of organized, uniformed, and equipped guilds into the current age. The state is a powerhouse of new graphics, military training, leadership training, and justice. The State set the trend of infantry guilds, and is the example that countless have tried to imitate. -From 'About The State Military' The State was the.

SET SHIELD: alinas_glow_shield_(a color).png (body color) cyberbunny-dancing_bunnies.gif (dancing bunnies).. beiträge über tagged boy, boy heads, cool boy head, cool guy head, cool male head, gfx, graal, graal boy upload, graal classic, graal gfx, graal head, graal head upload, graal heads, graal upload, graphics, graphic von tøn 4. No shields that can be worn as hats, heads, or bodies. Meaning no glasses, masks, hairstyles, or anything like that--even if you drew it yourself. 5. Do not send in repeated graphics or multiple recolors. Meaning, if a shield was already uploaded, don't rename it just to have a copy under your name 9) A badass head. 11) The template for my custom head, that I personally enjoy quite a bit. 13) A cool ninja-esque head. 15) A cool robot head. 17) A cool head. 19) Another head I was going to use to make my custom. 21) A cool head. 2) A cool scarred head. 4) A head for all of you cat-loving boys