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  3. Kodak Anastigmat 50mm f/5.6 (3 element triplet) in a three speed Kodex shutter (1/25 to 1/100 plus T and B) Kodak Anastigmat Special 51mm f/3.5 (4 element Tessar design) in a five speed Kodamatic shutter (1/10 to 1/200 plus T and B) During the war, the Kodak 35 was produced in an olive drab version for military use

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The Kodak 35 also was used by the US military during World War II. There were some olive green models made by Kodak for specific use by the US Army. Edit: After posting this review, I was given some excellent information about these military issue Kodak 35s from Vintage Camera Collector, Rick van Nooij Kodak 35 (Military PH-324) Film Size: 35mm . Shutter: No. 1 Diomatic T, B, 1/25 - 1/150 . Lens: Anastigmat 51mm f/4.5 - f/16. Dates: 1938-1948. Condition: 8+ Military version of the Kodak 35. Olive drab body with flat black trim and PH-324 identification on back cover.. The Kodak 35 camera was manufactured by the Eastman Kodak Company for the US Army and Signal Corps in circa 1941 to 1943 to support photographic activities during WWII. The civilian model was made from 1938 to 1948. The military version was covered with drab olive green leather and the exposed metal. was finished black enamel

Kodak 35 (Non RF) Military or ? Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by greg_tank, Jan 5, 2006. greg_tank. Hello, I just picked up a Kodak 35 (non-RF). I have found a couple of references to them on the web but the one I have seems to be a high bred or low bred, you pick. The body is the classic black with silver trim and aluminum knobs The olive green Kodak 35 is much better known and documented. Photo courtesy Phllip Sterritt. Signal Corps Signet 35. USAF KE-7(1) Camera. This camera is a Black Anodized version of the Kodak Signet 35, it has no serial number, there is a military contract plate on the bottom of the camera Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Kodak 35 Camera, Military Green (PH324) Signal Corps US Army at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products The Kodak 35 was introduced in 1938 as the first US manufactured 35mm camera from Eastman Kodak Company.It was developed in Rochester, New York when it became likely that imports from the Kodak AG factory in Germany could be disrupted by war.. While Kodak had invented the Kodak 135 daylight-loading film cassette in 1934, prior to 1938 they only offered the German made Kodak Retina to work with.

Military Kodak Signet-35 / Still Pictures KE-7 (I) #4978, black metal, green leather, Ektar 44/3.5 #RM17357, Synchro 300 shutter, Ex+ $325. US NAVY Combat Graphic 45 #1167, green, Kodak Special Anastigmat 127/4.7, Supermatic black shutter, Flash, Ex $ 645 This is a Kodak Signet 35 rangefinder camera made by the Eastman Kodak company out of Rochester, NY, USA. This was the first in a line of several Signet models that would be sold in the 1950s and 60s. It replaced the Kodak 35 rangefinder camera which was discontinued in 1951. Widely considered to be one of the best looking Kodak cameras of the. The Kodak Signet 35 was Kodak's top American-made 35mm camera of the 1950's and the first of the Kodak Signet camera line. The Signet 35 has a coupled coincident image rangefinder, an excellent Ektar 44mm f3.5 lens with rear helicoid focus, automatic film stop counter with double exposure prevention, all built into a sturdy cast aluminum alloy body.. The manually cocked Kodak Synchro 300. Kodak 35 Rangefinder. click for sample. Produced 1940-48 Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, NY USA. Film type 135 (35mm) Picture size 24mm x 36mm. Weight 23.6oz (669.1g) Lens Kodak Anastigmat Special (uncoated) or Anastar (coated) 50mm 1:3.5. Focal range 4′ to infinity

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  1. Kodak 35 Military Model 1941-43. Tomei Collection. The civilian model of the Kodak 35 was the first 35mm camera produced by Kodak in the USA and was available from 1938 through 1948. During WWII an olive drab model was built for the US Army and Signal Corps until about 1943 when the rangefinder model became available
  2. Kodak PH-324 Review. The Kodak PH-324 was the military version of the Kodak 35 built by Eastman Kodak on behalf of the United States Army Signal Corps for service during World War II. Mechanically, it was identical to the 35 with the only major differences being an olive drab green and black finish. Like the 35, the PH-324 has a 51mm f/4.5 Kodak Anastigmat lens
  3. 1938 - 1948 Kodak 35 1940 - 1951 Kodak 35 (Military model PH-324) 1940 - 1951 Kodak 35 (w/ rangefinder) 1959 - 1969 Kodak Automatic 35 1929 - 1933 Kodak Ensemble (Petite Camera) 1935 - 1937 Kodak Junior Series II 1950 - 19xx Kodak Master Camera 1960 - 1962 Kodak Motormatic 35 1964 - 1965 Kodak World's Fair Flash Camer
  4. Kodak Super Six-20 #2486, c.1938, 6x9cm, 620 film, Anastigmat Special 100/3.5, working shutter, handle, Ex $1545. Military Kodak Signet-35 / Still Pictures KE-7 (I) #4978, black metal, green leather, Ektar 44/3.5 #RM17357, Synchro 300 shutter, Ex+ $325
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High Altitude 2443 (Aerochrome II type) 4mil base, increased IR sensitivity for higher altitudes, ~1990. Kodak Ektachrome EF Film on thin Estar Base, Daylight, ME-4 process, 35 and 70mm, same as 5241 on 4mil Estar base. ~ 1972. High Resolution Aerial Duplicating Film SP862, B & W, 4mil Estar base. 6.6in. X 500ft. Kodak Signet 35 Signal Corps Model KE-7(1) (bottom) @1950's - Kodak Ektar 44mm Lens. Kodak Synchro 300 shutter . This one was made only for the US Air Force - thus the black color. There is no serial number on the body . Note on the bottom of the camera you find the military contract number plate including military issued serial number If you find this manual useful, how about a donation of $3 to: M. Butkus, 29 Lake Ave., High Bridge, NJ 08829-1701. and send your e-mail address so I can thank you. Most other places would charge you $7.50 for a electronic copy. or $18.00 for a hard to read Xerox copy Kodak 35 : 1938-1948 : Kodak 35 (US Army Signal Corps PH-324) 1941-1943 : Kodak 35 AF 1 : 1986 : Kodak 35 AF 2 : 1986 : Kodak 35 EF : 1986 : Kodak 35 MD : 1986 : Kodak 4.5 Model 37 : c1954-1956 : Kodak 4.5 Modéle 32 : c1950s : Kodak 4.5 Modéle B31 : c1955 : Kodak 635 : 1990 : Kodak 66 Model II : 1958-1960 : Kodak 66 Model lll : 1958-1960.

Item Name : Military Green Kodak 35 PH324 Serial no. : 126510 Description : U.S.Army,PH-324 on back fade out,shutter not work,lens glass with faint haze & slight fungus Remark : Cosmetic Condition : EX+ Kodak Retina IIIc w Schneider Xenon 50mm f2 Lens, has case, working shutter. $120.00. Free shipping. or Best Offer. Kodak Retina 1B Folding Camera 35mm Film Germany Manual Shutter WORKS! Vintage. $149.99 Shutter: Kodak Synchro 300 B, 1/25 - 1/300 . Lens: Kodak Ektar f/3.5 - f/22 . Dates: 1951-1958. Original List Price: $95.00. Condition: 8: Compact 35mm camera with cast aluminum body. This camera was also produced for the military as the KE-7, in black for the Air Force and in olive drab for the Army

Kodak Signet 35 Signal Corps Model KE-7 (1) @1950's - Kodak Ektar 44mm Lens. Kodak Synchro 300 shutter. This one was made only for the US Air Force - thus the black color. There is no serial number on the body.If you see the additional photo of the bottom of the camera I've Uploaded Here.you'll see the military contract number plate on. The Kodak Signet series of 35mm cameras was Kodak's top American-made 35mm camera line of the 1950s, into the early 1960s. The designs were by Arthur H Crapsey. The first model was the Signet 35 made between February 1951 - March 1958. The Signet series was positioned above the 35mm Pony series, and below the German made Kodak Retina series of cameras Kodak Strengthens Commitment to Print, Acquiring Southern Lithoplate Inc. (SLP) Service & Parts Assets June 24, 2021. Kodak and West World Paper Announce Reseller Agreement for the Western Canadian Market June 22, 2021. Sustainability in action - with process free plates from Kodak June 16, 2021. Kodak Stereo 35. 1954-1959 This camera takes pairs of 24x24mm exposures on standard 35mm cartidge film. Notice the green level between the two lenses. View fullsize. Konica Aerial GSK-99. 1939 Military Aerial Camera. 6x6cm exposures on 120 roll film. Metal spring winder. Fixed focus Hexar lens f3.5/7.5. 1/100-1/400 shutter speed. There were 3.

Kodak 35 MILITARY Version Olive Drab W/Black Trim. Kodak 35 [ph-324] U.s. Army Signal Corps Camera. Military. Kodak 35 Military (Model PH-324) 1938. More Items From eBay. MAGIC TREE HOUSE Lot Of 15 Childrens Chapter Books MARY POPE OSBORNE Sch. The Rolling Stones Book No.5 October 10th 1964 Rare Hi guys. My name is Ian and I am a collector for old color photo slides from 1935 to 1945. But I also collect color photo slides from the Korean and Vietnam war. So if you have some old glass color photo slides (old Kodachrome slides or agfacolor) Then give me a bell and id be delighted to buy.. The Kodak Signet 35 user manual is available on line from Butkus. The Signet 35 body was sturdy cast aluminum, which made it more suitable for the military applications to which it was put during the Korean War period. The manual cocking shutter has a limited but adequate range of speeds going up to 1/300. The Ektar lens is a Tessar type. The 1941 Kodak Ektra . America's Best System 35 Camera. an amazingly innovative, very unique and strange camera . The Ektra was Kodak's (and America's) only and last attempt to produce the finest system 35 camera. It was amazingly innovative and feature laden, actually outshining the contemporary Leica and Contax in terms of features

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Military Green Kodak 35 PH324 #126510 at the best online prices at eBay The Mil-Tec Army Patrol M.O.L.L.E. Pack has a capacity of 50 Liters, making it one of the larger packs available. The capacity is split between four sections; there are two larger compartments to hold bulkier items and two smaller front pockets. Simply put, there is plenty of room in this pack for any use 175,00 €. Appareil photo US Kodak 35. En 1938, Kodak fabriquait son premier appareil photo 35 mm, le Kodak 35 ou Kodak 35 Eastman. Celui-ci entièrement fabriqué aux États-Unis était destiné à concurrencer l'Argus C3. Il possédait un design plus moderne et une meilleure ergonomie que les appareils Argus de la série A ou C

Kodak Professional Portra 400 Color Negative Film (35mm Roll Film, 36 Exposures, 5-Pack) B&H # KOP40036PP MFR # 6031678. 512 Reviews. Key Features. Daylight-Balanced Color Negative Film. ISO 400/27° in C-41 Process. Very Fine Grain, VISION Film Technology. High Color Saturation, Low Contrast The idea centers on an incredible strategic tool: the OODA Loop — Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Nation-states around the world and even terrorist organizations use the OODA Loop as part of their military strategy. It has also been adopted by businesses to help them thrive in a volatile and highly competitive economy If you're joining the military, you may want to avoid these 10 jobs. But for those who have accepted the role, we thank you!Like us on Facebook: https://www... The Kodak Ektra of 1941 Its coupled 4-1/8-inch-base military spec rangefinder, pioneering parallax-compensating viewfinder, and interchangeable backs were very advanced for their day, and the rangefinder could accurately focus the longest lens in the system, a 153mm telephoto Thank you for purchasing this KODAK PIXPRO Digital Camera. Please read this manual carefully and keep it in a safe place for future reference. JK Imaging Ltd. reserves all rights of this document. No part of this published manual may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system or translated into any language o

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Kodak developed the technique of putting film emulsion onto a thin flexible backing and thus developed the first roll film. Kodak also gave us the numbering system (Type 135 for 35mm film; Type120/220 for medium format roll film, etc.). Originally, 35mm film was designed solely for motion picture usage 1-A Graflex Camera. National Graflex Series II. with telephoto lens. 3-A Graflex Autographic. 4X5 Speed Graphic No. 3. Auto Graflex 3 1/4x4 1/4, 4x5, 5x7. Auto Graflex. Folmer Factograph Meter Reading. No. 0 Graphic Camera (Kodak Kodak Ultramax 400 Color Print Film 36 Exp. 35mm DX 400 135-36 (108 Pics) (Pack of 3), Basic Kodak Ektar 100 Professional ISO 100, 35mm, 36 Exposures, Color Negative Film (Pack of 2) Kodak 6033971 Gold 200 Film (Purple/Yellow) - 3 Rolls - 24 Exposures Per Rol

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  1. Vintage Kodak Signet 35 Camera Ektar Lens 44mm With Leather Case. C $57.10. + shipping. Genuine Kodak Vintage retro M35 35mm Reusable Flash Film Camera +Film 36exp USA. C $32.98. Free shipping. 1936 Kodak Retina Nr. 126, Ektar 50mm f/3.5 Lens, Compur-Rapid Shutter, Case. C $234.76
  2. George Eastman's Kodak Camera. George Eastman was an avid photographer who became the founder of the Eastman Kodak company. Eastman wanted to simplify photography to make it available to everyone, not just trained photographers. In 1883, Eastman announced the invention of a new kind of film that came in rolls
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  5. Up for sale is a hard to find Kodak Signet 35 black camera with 44/3.5 lens, camera made in the USA, this was made for the US air force, camera is pretty clean for it's age, please refer to photos, shutter fires, as for the lens, it's nice and clean as well, nice combo and hard to come by, winning bidder, please add $20 for shipping/handling within the US, international bidders are welcome and.
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  7. History of photography - History of photography - Development of stereoscopic photography: Stereoscopic photographic views (stereographs) were immensely popular in the United States and Europe from about the mid-1850s through the early years of the 20th century. First described in 1832 by English physicist Sir Charles Wheatstone, stereoscopy was improved by Sir David Brewster in 1849

Kodak (2) Nashville (2) Ashland City (1) Bethpage (1) Brush Creek (1) Camden (1) Chapel Hill (1) Chattanooga (1) There are 32 cities in Ohio with businesses in the Ammunition category. We've listed the top ten (based on number of businesses) above. See all. Yashica Electro 35 GSN. click for sample. Produced 1973 Yashica Camera Co., Japan. Film type 135 (35mm) Picture size 24mm x 36mm. Weight 24.6oz (697.4g) sans battery. Lens Color Yashinon DX 45mm 1:1.7-16 (yow!) Filter size 55mm threaded, 57mm slip-on. Focal range 2.6′ to infinity The 35 mm film most people know today was invented by Kodak in 1913 for the early motion picture industry. In the mid-1920s, the German camera maker Leica used this technology to create the first still camera that used the 35 mm format

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Model 2709 S experimental sound-on-film camera 1924 35mm. Filmo 70 A 1923 camera 16mm ACR 0037. Filmo 70 B Super Speed 1925 USA camera 16mm ACR 0038. Eyemo 71 Automatic Cine Camera 1926 camera 35mm ACR 0036 (click for image) Filmo 75 A - BN 1928 camera 16mm (black and crimson leather) ACR 0307 Exemplary execution. Introducing our most powerful Astro Zoom yet, the new KODAK PIXPRO AZ901 bridge camera offers a mind blowing 90X optical zoom and so much more. With a top-notch 20 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, 5 fps multi-burst, 22mm wide angle lens and large 3 articulating LCD, photos and videos are crystal clear with amazing, razor sharp. Hit the target every time with the Centerfire rifles from top brands like Remington, Thompson/Center, Tikka and more. Shop online & in-store at Bass Pro Shops Get the sleep you've always dreamed of. Casper's award-winning mattresses, sheets & more are quality-crafted and ethically built in the USA. Free shipping & returns

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Enjoy big, bold prints with this Kodak Verite 5 XL Black Ink Cartridge. It features a simple and easy to install design that ensures you can bring your printer back to working order in seconds once the cartridge has been replaced. This Kodak ink cartridge uses water resistant tri-color ink that is capable of printing up to 400 pages Alphabetical by Surname, M-N To order these records, please contact us ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ [table striped=true responsive=true]LAST NAME FIRST NAME INMATE. Kodak Slide Projector Zoom f/3.5 Lens This item is a Kodak 35mm slide projector lens. It is a zoom lens with flat-field projection and will zoom from 100-150mm. It is an f/3.5 zoom lens. This lens will fit any Kodak rectangular 35mm slide projector including the 600 series, 700 series, 800 series, 4000 series and the Ektagraphic series plus.

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Kodak 80 Carousel Slide Tray (Used) For Kodak Carousel, Ektagraphic Slide Projectors For 2 x 2-inch slides up to 1/8-inch thick (cardboard). Accepts up to 80 slides. These trays are used. Tray color and box may vary. Boxes may have writing on them. Box style and color may vary Buy New Minilabs or Used Minilabs, Laser Units, Parts. We buy and sell new Noritsu minilabs,Fuji minilabs, Kodak minilabs and more. Call Now (305) 436-100

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A 1950s Kodak Signet 35 with Synchro 300 Shutter camera. This 35mm Kodak camera is presented with a black and silver tone casing with an attached Synchro 300 Shutter. Also included is a tan leather case with an adjustable strap Jones Motor Tank metal lad. $ 60. Jones Motor Tanker not mint. $ 35. Jones TL '84 not mint. $ 45. Jones Truck Line '81. $ 70. Jones Truck Line '84 Founded in 1831 to enlarge the scope of higher education: includes thirteen schools, colleges, and divisions at five major centers in Manhattan Emperor Firearms Cobra 12 12GA 5+1 Semi Auto. $499.00. (387) 4.8 out of 5 rating. Taurus G2C 9mm 3.2 12+1 Black. $299.00. (7) 4.9 out of 5 rating. ESCORT HESL12180001 SLUGGER 12GA 18 3 Black Shop our selection of gun safes and pistol vaults for sale at Cabela's. Find large and small safes and pistol & handgun vaults from brands like Browning & Liberty

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