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Buy Auto Parts Online. Shop Today! Guaranteed Low Prices on All Auto Parts. The dealer alternative store for quality discount auto parts and accessorie Nice sounding muffler for a 350 TBI? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. D.R.Smith I'm just looking for input on what sounds best on a 350 TBI . Dallas Rourke Smith 1993 Chevrolet K1500 - Regular Cab, Long bed - 5.7L 350CI Small Block V8 - 3.42 Gear Ratio - Built at Fort Wayne Assembly Plant, Indiana. Flowmaster Mufflers, a leading authority in exhaust routing technology, has put together this video comparing seven different mufflers from their catalog on a modified small-block Chevy V8. The engine is your standard 350ci. small-block Chevy with a 406 stroker kit. It is topped with Brodix cylinder heads and tops out at 7,000 RPM While the TBI 350's have more of that deep drone, I LOVE the way the Vortec 350's sound with straights (2) seperate 2.5 piping with just cats. They have that little bit of crackle and pop to them that I love while my TBI exhaust is just a deep droning

I've got a 350, Hooker headers and 2.5 dual exhaust. Right now i'm using Thrush Turbo's, and they are starting to sound a bit tinny on me, kind of like a worn glasspack. What I want is a deeper, and more aggressive sounding set of mufflers. Prices aside, affordable or expensive, what is your best opinion for a deep rumble sound WANT A FLOWMASTER 40 SERIES? CLICK THE LINK BELOW!https://amzn.to/2Wbl5MeWANT AN 18 MAGNAFLOW? CLICK THE LINK BELOW!https://amzn.to/2zc6EOZWANT A FLOWMASTER.. Valve springs are also VERY important due to the stock ones having a redline of 4500 rpm. I have run these engines with better cams and stock valve springs up to 5000 rpms with no issues but its not going to be recommended. Cam, stage 2chip and exhaust mods are going to net you a good 50-60hp on that pathetic stock 180hp 350 TBI motor It only requires that you make a reason- able estimate of its open exhaust power potential, and then multiply this number by 2.2. For example, a small-block Chevy that made 400 hp on open exhaust will require 880 cfm (400 x 2.2). Two 440-cfm mufflers will get the job done and contain the loss to 4 hp or less

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  2. The TBI systems were designed for fuel mileage, torque, and snappy throttle response. They can be made to run better, but they were never meant to be fire-breathers. I did a ton of research when I was going to retrofit a TBI into a mid-70s Chevy truck years ago. I had everything to mod the truck, but wound up selling it before it ever happened
  3. Re: best sounding exhaust for an 87' 305. « Reply #4 on: May 22, 2008, 10:41:58 AM ». I have headers, true 2 1/4 duals with H pipe, stainless Dynomax Ultraflo's and 3 Magnaflow long tips behind the rear tires. It sounds good and doesn't have that loud drone at around 2000 rpm that Flow's can have. I had a Dakota R/T with a dual outlet.

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Upgraded Vortec cylinder heads, a more aggressive camshaft, and reprogramming TBI chip to make 300 horsepower or more with a GM Chevy 305, 350, and 454 engine with factory TBI injection the tbi 350 is pretty gutless in design. but it does respond well to opening it up and letting it breath better. ive had an 89 and 92 tbi trucks, both got the cats replaced with straight pipe and single 3 exhaust with flow through muffler, run much better. there is no post cat o2 so you wont have an engine light, but it will fail a sniffer test

Chevy 350 and Ford 302 Performance Upgrades If you're ready to get your street machine sounding as good as it looks, it's important to know how each muffler will affect your sound and performance. Take a listen and decide which muffler is best for your rod A 180hp 350 tbi motor makes a good 230-240hp using Sae gross math. Very few places advertise Sae net numbers. SAE NET numbers are what I will give you when calculating engine power from the specs provided so make sure you also look at the build of any engine online your looking at Believe it or not, most mildly modified TBI engines run well with small smog legal tube headers into a single 3 high flow cat with a good flowing muffler. You could run Flowtech's Terminator Muffler with a single 3 inlet and dual 2-1/2 outs and have a nice aggressive sound without to harsh resonance Get headers. The easiest performance enhancer on the Chevy 350 is a new exhaust system because it's the weak point in the stock setup. The carburetor, manifold and valves are big enough to start with. The performance suffers because of the small exhaust setup. Adding headers simply brings that part of the system up to par with the rest of the. 350 TBI ADD-ONS. Upgrade your 350 TBI engine with belt systems, starters, and more! Instant quotes: (888) 957-5454. FREE Paint Colors. 16 FREE paint colors for your engine! High temp engine enamel paint that holds up to 500 degrees

3 Best Camshafts For 350 Chevy (as of June, 2021): 1. COMP Cams CL12-600-4 Camshaft For 350 Chevy - Best Top Pick Review. COMP Cams CL12-600-4 camshaft option is our top pick, and for good cause.. With its many great features that will increase the performance of your 350 Chevy significantly, this choice will give you the most horsepower for the most cost-effective price When considering the Flowmaster Super 44 vs 40, you'll find a sound that could be described as modern rock to the 40's old-school hair metal vibes. It's the iconic Flowmaster sound with a new-school twist. And comparing the Flowmaster 40 vs 44, the Super 44 would generally perform better on a dyno. On the road, the only difference you. If the fuel pressure drops more than 1 psi under 8-10 seconds of full throttle the pump should be changed and dont put the stock TBI pump back in even if your engine is stock. Put the 1996 Vortec EP381 pump back in. MUCH better pump than the EP386 TBI pump. Now to the too much fuel I would best describe the sound of my SuperTrapp's as a rich deep mellow tone. The sound emitted out of the SuperTrapps more or less lets people know that there is a little something lurking under the hood. I am sold on the fact that I can dial in my engines peak performance by having the ability to add or reduce muffler baffle plates

Philly area. A TPS is a low-buck part. You've done enough diagnosis to try a new one. I don't think it will help, but it might. The TPS is one of the main sensor inputs on a TBI (speed/density) type system. When you unplug it, the ECM goes into limp home mode with a pre-set series of tables designed to have the best shot at keeping the engine. Open up the exhaust system and add a low restriction muffler such as the Dynomax replacement Turbo muffler that will fit in the stock location. Add a double roller timing set with the cam install. Keep in mind, this won`t turn your camaro into a monster, but it will pick up the power by about 20 horses and 40 ft lbs of torque, giving it better.

The best kind of muffler for a good throaty roar OK, I just bought a 72 Sebring Satellite. Make, Model: 1937 chevy truck& 33 fordtruck Posts 3,017. I put a set of cheery bomb's on my truck and they sound great like the old faltheads use to sound. Magnaflow makes a few mufflers that sound pretty good, others are kind of blatty 4,952 Posts. #10 · Dec 24, 2013. You can get to 350 or so with all the TBI mods.Check out CFM Tech for some good info & ideas.Your best friend is gonna be a tuner,or'someone to burn a good chip for your needs.TBI is a speed density system,so,tuning will be easier if you keep the cam's LSA @ 112 or above & duration @ .050 below 220 Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster A car's exhaust system plays a major role in controlling the hot gases exiting the motor. Like a musical instrument in the hands of a master musician, systems are tuned to the characteristics of a particular engine. Two of the most popular manufacturers are Flowmaster and Magnaflow. Both brands started in California and are similar to one [ Find Walker Quiet-Flow 3 Mufflers and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Replace your OEM muffler with one of these Walker Quiet-Flow 3 mufflers. Manufactured in both steel and stainless steel versions, their turbo-style configuration provides great interior and exterior sound control without decreasing exhaust flow. Available for cars, trucks, and SUVs, Walker Quiet-Flow 3. 297 Posts. #2 • May 8, 2014. Greetings and welcome aboard! What you are describing sounds like spark knock (pinging). check your timing, you'll get pinging if it's advanced too far. lack of egr flow and a hot running engine can also cause this. too lean fuel mixture also causes high cylinder temps which causes spark knock

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  1. Good cam for 87-94 tbi 350. Sign up for FREE! Become a GM-Trucks.com Member Today! In 20 seconds you can become part of the worlds largest and oldest community discussing General Motors, Chevrolet and GMC branded pickups, crossovers, and SUVs. From buying research to owner support, join 1.5 MILLION GM Truck Enthusiasts every month who use GM.
  2. A 99 350 is tuned port and not tbi and the tuned port is a much stronger running engine. I will put my daughters 6.2 up against any stock tbi 350 out there and the 6.2 will win if driven at the same rpm's. As for a 6.5, not even close! And if you really want to embarrass the 350, just hook a trailer to it
  3. or bolt ons to help low end to move this heavy beast, and get a few more mpgs, will be used as family hauler and to tow jeep at most 3 hour trips 1 or 2 times a year. 1 st 6 hour.
  4. TBI CHIPS Home. Welcome to TBI CHIPS throttle body injection services. So Just what is TBI, stands for Throttle Body Injection used by GM in the early 80's through 1995. The early systems from 1982-1986 are just too old to do much with. 1987-1991 were still SLOW computers with tiny chips limiting what can be done with the system
  5. Re: 350 TBI performance mods. Jan 25 2012, 5:51pm. I had a 97 Sierra, with the 5.7L (not exactly the same as yours, but close). It REALLY woke up with a CAI and Flowmaster cat-back system. It was a lot faster, and I upped the fuel economy 2 MPG. That was all I ever did to it- it had close to 300,000 miles on it, so I traded it in for my current.
  6. NOODLES. Holley TBI unit is garbage. A 383 is neither bored .30 over, nor does it have a 400 crank. A 400 crank will not fit in a 350. Originally, 400 cranks were machined to fit in 350 blocks, but that is no longer the case. BTW, the block needs to be clearanced to fit the crank, it hits the oil pan in some places, etc

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Our Community Originally designed for Hotrods and Muscle Cars of the 1960's and 70's, Cherry Bomb ® mufflers have maintained a loyal enthusiast following since their initial launch in 1968. The product line includes a wide selection of glasspack, performance and turbo mufflers, all developed specifically to enhance the sound and performance of both vintage and contemporary muscle cars and. 13/14. 14/14. There's power hidden in your stock late-model Chevy pickup just waiting to be unlocked. Although that throttle-body injection (TBI) engine is disguised as just another pedestrian. Hi, Magnus from sweden here. I will do my best to be understod. I have a 1987 Chevy 350 with Edelbrock EPS intake, Edelbrock carb, Hei distributor. Last summer it ran great, but this winter i did a cam swap. To Summit 1103 cam, then it started pinging/knocking under acceleration. But on WOT its less. Its only on 1700-2300 rpm

CHEVY 350 — 355 HP to 365 HP, OR 375 to 400 HP engine Fast Fuel TBI 4 Barrel High Performance Fast Track turnkey package . Base Pricing From: $5995 for up to 355HP to 365HP for the new Fi-Tech 4 barrel fuel injection system.. $6295 for 375HP to 400HP for the new Fi-Tech 4 barrel fuel injection system.. This is a BRAND NEW PRODUCT; extremely popular for muscle cars, hot rods, custom trucks, etc I am wanting to do a cheap top end build/swap on my 92 chevy TBI 350 to pep it up a little. I grabbed some cool edelbrock valve covers from the junkyard (pre-86perimeter bolt, not the TBI center bolt valve covers and an edelbrock performer intake for pre-86 heads with a spreadbore or quadrajet I also ordered a Holley TBI to square bore adapter for part number 510-17-45 and gaskets 375-1255 $20. 3. For the TBI unit, use a bored 46mm 600cfm TBI unit from either www.rvmorsemachine.com or www.tbiparts.com with 350 injectors at 18psi fuel pressure with custom chip kit. 4. The exhaust I am going to keep pretty simple A TBI engine is a standard engine with throttle body fuel injection. The throttle body consists of an air intake port and one or more fuel injectors, depending on engine displacement. The fuel injectors are located in the middle of the throttle body. This will give the best build up procedure for a significant. I used these on my 1994 Chevy 350 tbi all stock besides a cam and lifter kit Exhaust: True duals No cats These Magnaflow mufflers 2inch pipes 2 1/4 inch tailpipes Sounds loud and aggressive exactly what I wanted opens up very loudly and has been on the truck since last October and has slowly gotten a little louder.Overall a good looking and sounding muffler

You should be able to pump out plenty out of 2 pipe. It is the sound that makes a difference to perception. If you want a deeper tone, go up in diameter. I work in exhaust and the muffler generates about 2/3 of the back pressure in the system. A good flow through muffler will be a benefit, mandrel bends and few of them will help They run fine. You do need to make sure that the 350 you use has the correct bolt pattern on the heads for the exhaust, and the TBI intake, but that is simple. The ecm, fuel system etc will easily supply a mild 350 with no changes. Most 350's from those years should have the correct bolt pattern on the heads

muffler combo. ECM (computer) will not have a problem with this at all. You'll find an extra 20HP here. Next step up would be a set of cast iron Vortec Heads ($259 each brand spankin' new) and a GMPP TBI intake manifold (another $250) to fit the new heads and TBI unit. That combo will net you 20-40HP, and might require What I learned is the exhaust ports sit approx 1/8 higher relative to the bolt holes than they do on older heads. That means bolting on a set of headers not specifically designed for Vortec heads may cover up the top 1/8 of the exhaust ports. And that's where the exhaust gasses flow the highest. Here's what I mean These are usually 0.050 or 0.080 inch, and if the budget allows use of pushrods 0.050- to .060-inch shorter for cams up to 0.500- or .525-inch lift. Pushrods as much as .10-inch shorter may be needed for cams lifting to .60-inch, but valvetrains in this category are moving well out of the budget class

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Exhaust. Exhaust. See All Items In This Department; Exterior & Accessories. CHEVROLET 5.7L/350 Throttle Body Spacers. Filter Results Filter by Vehicle Individual Parts Trans-Dapt Performance TBI Riser Plates. Trans-Dapt Performance Products 2457 - Trans-Dapt Performance TBI Riser Plates. Find CHEVROLET 5.7L/350 Headers and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! $5 Off Your Mobile App Purchase - Get the App Vehicle/Engine Search Vehicle/Engine Search Make/Model Searc WENJTP Stainless Steel Exhaust 5/8 Conversion Swap Header Manifold Compatible with Chevy GMC Trucks LS1 LS2 LS3 C-10 LS Pickups(4.8L, 5.3L, 5.7L, 6.0L, 6.2L Engines) 5.0 out of 5 stars 4 $199.99 $ 199 . 9

Exhausted Exhaust: Get your third-gen Camaro to breathe a little easier. In 1983, when our Z28 was the king of a very weak army, its exhaust consisted of dual mufflers and twin, concealed outlets. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Easy to use parts catalog I need help picking a cam for my chevy 350 engine. I need help picking a cam for my 87 350 engine. It is a tbi engine but i have a team g 7531 intake and a 750 holley double pump carb. I also have a pair of camel back heads and headers. I'm going to put all of these on the engine but i need help with the cam Our famous Hum Baby Chevy 350 crate engine! She's a smooth running machine that is suitable for a practical enthusiast looking for a higher quality engine than what GM offers. 350 HP / 400 TQ. 87 Regular Gas. 5 Year/50,000 Mile Warranty

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The eight cylinder Chevrolet 305 is poorly regarded because of poor factory performance, especially when compared to Chevy's larger 350 engine. While General Motors had to make some compromises in the initial design, the result is an engine that older car owners can tune to a sweet spot between horsepower and fuel efficiency The COMP Cams 54-470-11 LSR Rectangular Port 235/251 Hydraulic Roller is the best camshaft for 350 Chevy overall because it performed the best when tested. The lobe separation it provides is fantastic, and allows the engine to perform in the upper rev range. 113 degrees is a great amount, especially if you are looking for increased horsepower. American Thunderâ„¢ 409 SS Axle-Back Exhaust System with Single Rear Exit - Part Number 817837 by Flowmaster. High Ground Clearance. Exhaust System Type: Axle-Back Edelbrock Performer-Plus cam and lifter kits are designed for optimum torque from the low-end to the mid-range. They feature smooth idling cams for daily drivers, trucks, vans, RVs, and 4x4s. They offer improved throttle response and torque. Each kit includes a camshaft, hydraulic lifters, assembly lube, and instructions Synthetic Oil Or Conventional: Deciding Which Is Your Best Option. Sam Weathers wanted a vehicle he could take to the dragstrip with his friends. Weathers' 1966 Chevelle is a showstopper that lays down some big numbers. It can be hard to be different when using the most popular engine platform in the aftermarket

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However, for a street car, Don recommends the following guidelines: 200-325 horsepower look for 1 1/2-inch primaries, 275-425 horsepower use 1 3/4-inches, 400-500 horsepower opt for 1 3/4 to 2. Chevy 350 valve lifter noise. Maintenance/Repairs. including rapid engine wear at startup. You might also notice a small puff of smoke from the exhaust after startup; that is some oil draining past worn valve guides into the cylinders, resulting in some oil burning. at very low tempertures (they are equal at 0 Celsius), and flows slower.

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For 1982 and 1984, the 5.7 liter (350 CID) Cross-Fire Fuel Injection V8 was the only motor found under the hood of the Chevrolet Corvette. Chevrolet would give this engine the RPO code of L83. It seemed to make sense since from 1975 until 1980 the L82 4-bbl 350 CID V8 which was rated at between 205 to 230 horsepower (from 1975-1980) was the. Howdy - My father in law's '91 Chevy was running poorly, so we put new plugs, wires, cap and rotor on it, and it's running better, but it it still surging at idle. It basically almost dies out, and then surges back to life (probably a little higher than normal idle), then repeats continuously.. Answer this Question. The Holley GM Truck 670CFM Two Barrel Throttle Body Injection unit (22806) is specified for a 1987 to 89 Chevy 5.7L engine. You may want to contact Holley Performance @ 1-888 -258-3835 with the specifics of your intended application MagnaFlow manufactures the best exhaust systems, mufflers, pipes and catalytic converters; now being sold directly from our website! We proudly manufacture products in the USA using premium components and the latest technology. Voted 2017 SEMA Manufacturer of the Year

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We chose a small-block Chevy engine as our guinea pig for the test, and the standard rocker arm ratio is listed at 1.5:1. However, through testing at the COMP Cams research lab, the actual ratio for the standard stamped steel rocker arms are generally in the realm of a 1.46:1 ratio.. To pick up the effective specifications of the camshaft, both the COMP Cams Magnum and Pro Magnum rockers. The cooling system for the Chevrolet 350 engine consists of a water pump, a radiator and a thermostat. It is of vital importance that the cooling system work properly, as a cooling problem can lead not only to an engine which overheats, but also to more serious problems such as a damaged head gasket or a cracked cylinder block DynoMax® Performance Exhaust is a leading brand of stainless steel exhaust systems, cat-back systems, axle-back systems and stainless steel muffler technology. DynoMax® Performance Exhaust has a complete line of mufflers, including the Ultra Flo X stainless steel muffler, Ultra Flo Welded stainless steel muffler, Ultra Flo SS polished stainless steel muffler, Super Turbo muffler, Race. A typical system delivering about 10 pounds of nitrous per minute increases the output seen in the cylinders, on the power stroke of a small-block Chevy by about 190 hp. So the now-restrictive exhaust increases the pumping losses seen on the exhaust strokes by about 80 hp. The result is a 110-hp increase at the flywheel

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492 Answers. Re: 350 tbi backfires under acceleration. Smokes. Third... Get a compression check of all cylinders. Sounds like an oil control problem (valve guide seals or worn piston rings. A complete tune up might help some and you might try a hotter heat range on the spark plugs. Posted on Mar 14, 2011 Notes: Engine is meant for the 1987-1995 Chevy Trucks with a 350 TBI engine. ECM needs a chip burned to run properly. Disclaimer: The parts listed are ATK's recommendations of parts to be used to obtain our power figures listed. Power figures can vary based on parts used by the end user. It is the customer's responsibility to verify components will work in their application Turned out to be an exhaust leak on my exhaust manifold where it meets the head. Took him about 10 minutes to not only pinpoint which port was causing the sound but also to replace all 3 gaskets on that side of the block. I too have a 350 in my truck but I have TBI instead on my 89 C1500

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The 350 we baselined for this test was a basic 350 small-block with 8.5:1 compression and a painfully short-duration stock camshaft (194/202 degrees of duration at .050-inch tappet lift and 0.383. EFI Questions Answered With The Help Of Ken Farrell at FiTech. By Andy Bolig December 12, 2017. The engineers at FiTech have made an art of building EFI systems that are designed to upgrade carbureted daily-drivers and race vehicles. They've enabled going to fuel injection with the least obtrusive modifications from the car's original. The open duration is 194 degrees intake and 202 degrees exhaust at .050 inch with a 112 degree lobe separation. The cylinder heads are cast iron with 1.94 inch intake valves and 1.50 inch exhaust valves, 76 cubic capacity combustion chambers, and 7-bolt style exhaust flanges. These engines include painted valve covers, oil pans, and timing covers Get the right Exhausts & Mufflers for your Chevy Silverado 2500 from the experts. RealTruck has all the tools you need to make the best choice for your truck, including image galleries, videos, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Take advantage of free shipping in the lower 48 United States 1999 Chevrolet C1500 5.7 Liter V8 - 141.5 Wheelbase, Dual Exhaust, Exits In Rear On Either Side Of License Plate; 1998 Chevrolet C1500 5.7 Liter V8 - 141.5 Wheelbase, Dual Exhaust, Exits In Rear On Either Side Of License Plate, w/ Federal Emissions; 1997-1996 Chevrolet C1500 5.7 Liter V8 - 141.5 Wheelbase, Dual Exhaust, Exits In Rear On Either Side Of License Plate; 1999 Chevrolet C2500 5.7.

1988 Chevy 350 no power under load. I have a Chevy K1500 sierra with a 350 that is not EFI. That's a long story from when my project began. OK, I bought someone Else's problem. Replaced the engine and it starts and runs fine, until you drive it under load. I've checked the timing and it's set at +2 degrees Simple, inexpensive horsepower/torque upgrades for 95 Chevy C1500. jwchevy Member Posts: 4. April 2005 edited July 2015. in Chevrolet. I'm not a gear head and am looking for info on simple, inexpensive upgrades for my 95 Chevy C1500. I have a 350 and it has 128k miles on it. I want the most bang for the buck without hurting my engine. Any Ideas 1 million+ parts, 800+ brands-all in-stock at guaranteed best prices. Buy by 11pm & your order ships same-day. Trust JEGS to get it right. Shop now Chevy 350 — 355 HP (2 bolt) $3495. (Little less vacuum, single patterned cam but best sound.) Chevy 350 — 350 HP (4 bolt) $3895. (Best vacuum, dual patterned cam.) Chevy 350 — 355 HP (4 bolt) $3895. (Little less vacuum, single patterned cam but best sound.) THIS IS A LIMITED TIME SALE PRICING. The normal price of these engines is $100 more Increased performance, reduced back pressure, and that high-performance sound all come standard with the Chevrolet Performance 5.3L Cat-Back Dual-Exit Exhaust Upgrade system. With front 3-inch and rear split 2.75-inch outer-diameter 304 stainless-steel pipes, this system offers up to a 10-hp improvement at 5,600 rpm and up to 6 additional pound. Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Exhaust System Questions. I own a 2000 chev silverado 2500 with a 6.0 litre. I recently had dual exhaust installed on it (they sound sweet by the way). Before it was installed, i wanted them look at an exhaust leak i could hear near the engine compartment. Which i thought was the collector gasket