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  1. For example this image: Is added to the reStructured Text file in by the following lines:.. image:: images/get_started_sphinx.png :width: 60
  2. Figures¶. The figure directive inserts an image and also provides a caption and other material.. The path is the relative or absolute path within the sphinx source directory.. You can give optional CSS classes, with-border gives it a black border. Remove this if you don't want it - the examples below include it
  3. Image caption This assumed your image is in a separate folder (within the source directory) named 'images'. 1 It's a good idea to have a separate image folder if you anticipate using a lot of images, or just to keep organized
  4. es their type. Each builder then chooses the best image out of these candidates. For instance, if the file name gnu.* was given and two files gnu.pdf and gnu.png existed in the source tree, the LaTeX builder would choose the former, while the HTML builder would prefer.

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How to use images¶. Use the. image:: directive with additional parameters.. Use. figure:: if you want to add a caption to your image. You can use the same parameters in figure that are defined for image. The additional parameters must be indented one level (add 3 spaces to indent) Introduction ¶. reStructuredText is an easy-to-read, what-you-see-is-what-you-get plaintext markup syntax and parser system. It is useful for in-line program documentation (such as Python docstrings), for quickly creating simple web pages, and for standalone documents Download Great sphinx stock photos. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors Hide image caption; Show image caption Sphinxes are traditional Egyptian icons but this sphinx has the face of a Sudanese man. Sphinxes are traditional Egyptian icons but this sphinx has the.

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The TOC tree. Since reST does not have facilities to interconnect several documents, or split documents into multiple output files, Sphinx uses a custom directive to add relations between the single files the documentation is made of, as well as tables of contents. The toctree directive is the central element The Great Sphinx has greatly deteriorated over the years, and since ancient times—possibly beginning in the reign of Thutmose IV (1400-1390 bce)—various efforts have been undertaken to preserve the statue.Whereas the body has suffered the most erosion, the face has also been damaged, and its nose is notably missing.According to some, the damage was caused by Napoleon's troops, who shot.

Browse 8,379 sphinx stock photos and images available, or search for sphinx egypt or sphinx cat to find more great stock photos and pictures. Photo taken on November 20, 2019 shows the Sphinx at the Giza Pyramids plateau on the western outskirts of the Egyptian capital Cairo Sphinx moths are usually large and heavy bodied, with a long, pointed abdomen. They often hover near flowers, feeding on nectar via a very long proboscis (mouth tube or tongue). The forewings are generally long and pointed, although some species have angled or irregular margins. The antennae tend to get gradually wider, then narrow again toward the tip, and the comblike extensions.

Sphinx 1.3.1 ignored formatting (bold, italic, code) of table captions. Sphinx 1.3.4 removes the entire formatted element. This request is to allow table formatting within table captions (as for figures). The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered The figure block must contain only two components; an image, in either Markdown or HTML syntax, and a single paragraph for the caption. See below for an example. As with admonitions, the figure can have additional classes set. The title of the admonition is used as the label that can be targeted by your cross-references

image caption Lanzhou hopes to put itself on the visitor map with the giant copies A huge replica sphinx has been built in China, the latest in a series of copies of the ancient Egyptian monument. The figure directive supports captions, legends, numbering, and a figure class assignment, and is preferred to the image directive. Remote linking an image like this is allowed in rst in general, but produces a 'nonlocal image' warning in Sphinx 3,184 Sphinx clip art images on GoGraph. Download high quality Sphinx clip art from our collection of 65,000,000 clip art graphics

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Image Caption. Alfred Stevens, The Parisian Sphinx, c. 1880, Oil on panel.The Clark Art Institute, 1955.863. Bibliography. Lees, Sarah, ed. Nineteenth-Century European Paintings at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute.Williamstown, MA: Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute; New Haven and London: distributed by Yale University Press, 2012 Optional MyST Syntaxes¶. MyST-Parser is highly configurable, utilising the inherent plugability of the markdown-it-py parser. The following syntaxes are optional (disabled by default) and can be enabled via the sphinx conf.py (see also Sphinx configuration options).Their goal is generally to add more Markdown friendly syntaxes; often enabling and rendering markdown-it-py plugins that. Images and LaTeX export ¶ The reST command rst2latex use the width an hight of images and figures but the Sphinx laTeX exporter use also \includegraphics to import the figure; but (as a far as Sphinx 1.2pre) it does not use the width and height attribute. To get proper figure size in latex generated by Sphinx you may have either t

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Download this stock image: Caption: Napoleon Bonaparte before the sphinx during the French Campaign in Egypt painted by Jean-Léon Gérôme. The French Campaign in Egypt and Syria (1798-1801) was Napoleon's campaign to protect French trade interests, undermine Britain's access to In - G16BGX from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors Sphinx will then translate text that it generates into that language. Gallery image with caption: Ephemeral Firefox as a Site-Specific Browser (3/3) Gallery image with caption: Introducing Coviz.org Gallery image with caption: Hardening Guide for phpList Gallery. Limitations¶. To explain image captions, we are segmenting images along axes (i.e. super pixels/partitions of halves, quarters, eights); An alternate approach/future improvement could be to semantically segment images instead of axis-aligned partitioning and produce SHAP explanations using segments, instead of super pixels Electronic Image (No Author, No Title, No Date) Many images found on the Web are of this category, but you should still look for this missing information: try clicking on the image, and/or looking at the bottom of the image. [Format and subject of work]. URL (address of website) Examples: Sphinx [Digital Image]. (2006)

Sphinx Quotes - BrainyQuote. A beautiful woman can be painted as a totem only; not as a woman, but as a Madonna, a queen, a sphinx. Saul Steinberg. Beautiful Woman Beautiful Queen. There are various eyes. Even the Sphinx has eyes: and as a result there are various truths, and as a result there is no truth. Friedrich Nietzsche Sphinx docx builder extension. Usage. Add 'docxbuilder' to extensions configuration of conf.py:. extensions = ['docxbuilder']. and build your documents: make doc

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While pngmath displays an equation as an image, MathJax is using scalable vector graphics (quality remains the same after zooming). For this reason, we strongly encourage you to use MathJax for your mathematical equations. To enable MathJax in Sphinx, you need first to add sphinx.ext.mathjax to the list of extensions in conf.py Numbering figures in Sphinx. Subfigures as a bonus. Although the. figure:: and. image:: directives in reStructuredText are much easier than their LaTex counterparts, they are also lacking some critical features:. no automatic numbering; no subfigures; There are third-party extensions that provide this functionality (numfig and sphinxtr), however this is non-standard Sphinx already understands what a block of text looks like, and it can divide-up heading strings, captions, double-newline-separated paragraphs, etc into unique source strings (msgid), and put them into '.pot' source-language files and '.po' destination-language files. First, run `make gettext` from the 'docs/' directory Introduction¶. The Linux kernel uses Sphinx to generate pretty documentation from reStructuredText files under Documentation.To build the documentation in HTML or PDF formats, use make htmldocs or make pdfdocs.The generated documentation is placed in Documentation/output.. The reStructuredText files may contain directives to include structured documentation comments, or kernel-doc comments. Images ¶. Images. ¶. Images can be a great supplement to technical documentation text. Sphinx provides control for their alignment in the content, as well as the ability to add captions

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The second usage does Sphinx stuff behind the scenes: process the image, copy to the build directory, and insert a relative URL in src.. As the Sphinx docs show, though, Sphinx can do more. How can we tap into those options, within the Markdown syntax? Let's take a look at the first of several ways that Markdown syntax is optionally extended by MyST, beginning with images There are a number of ways to configure sphinx-book-theme. This page covers some of the main ways to do so. Wow, a note with an image in a margin! ![](images/cool.jpg) ``` ```` Margin figure captions And here is a figure with a caption below. We'll add a note below to create some vertical space to see better reStructuredText supports ordinary links to outside pages. It also has a simpler and more flexible way to link to documents or sections of documents in the current documentation project. Document links with the :doc: directive send the reader to the beginning of another page. Reference links with the :ref: directive send the reader to another. This is usually useful with the ``:context:`` option. caption : str If specified, the option's argument will be used as a caption for the figure. This overwrites the caption given in the content, when the plot is generated from a file. Additionally, this directive supports all of the options of the `image` directive, except for *target* (since.

Sphinx is a tool to generate html documentation from reStructuredText files (kind of like Markdown). It even supports automatically generating API references from Python code and the docstrings within! ReadTheDocs is a service which automatically builds and hosts your documentation for free plantuml_syntax_error_image Should plantuml generate images with render errors. (default: False) plantuml_cache_path Directory where image cache is stored. (default: '_plantuml') plantuml_batch_size (EXPERIMENTAL) Run plantuml command per the specified number of images. (default: 1 image caption Archaeologists say the sphinx probably dates back to the Ptolemaic dynasty Egyptian archaeologists have discovered a statue of a sphinx while draining water from the pharaonic temple.

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The Great Sphinx of Giza, a large half-human, half-lion Sphinx statue, sits on the Giza Plateau on the west bank of the Nile River. Cris Bouroncle/AFP/Getty Images hide caption A directive for including a Matplotlib plot in a Sphinx document This overwrites the caption given in the content, when the plot is generated from a file. Additionally, this directive supports all of the options of the image directive, except for target (since plot will add its own target). These include alt, height, width, scale, align and.

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sphinx.chat://?action=tribe&uuid=YFf1oSC08J5BeR8LUqi2WgRNxy3PRAFZwDIZin0oKLARC9i9wCyx2Rv1Bn-bitpxedep4xE3n4MU72Tn3wXR66hMwasC&host=tribes.sphinx.cha Make sure that you can run python -c 'import sphinx'. Download the latest tarball, untar it, and run python setup.py install. Configuration. In your project's conf.py, add numfig to your sphinx extensions, and set the values of your configuration parameters as shown in the fragment below

More specifically, the thought occurred to me that I should put my face on a sphinx and print that. So, I did some more hunting and found Blender, a free download with modeling and graphics. For documentary purposes the German Federal Archive often retained the original image captions, which may be erroneous, biased, obsolete or politically extreme. Potsdam.- Sanssouci, Sphinx im Park Sanssouc The photos are fake. While snow did fall in Egypt in December 2013, the iconic structures were not covered in snow. Fake Pyramid Snow Photo, Version 1. This photo was shared over 10,000 times when it was posted by the Twitter account History in Pictures, with a caption that read, Snow has fallen on the pyramids for the first time in 112 years

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  1. The second Sphinx powered by the Ka Stone. Origin. Meryet was originally born in ancient Egypt where she tended to the Sphinx just after he received the Ka Stone.The energies from the stone passed.
  2. English: Title: The Sphinx, Egypt Physical description: 1 photographic print. Notes: Title from caption card and item.; LOT subdivision subject: Egypt.; Forms part of: Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection (Library of Congress).; Caption on mount: The head of the Sphinx would fill a large school room
  3. Symbolator is a command line tool. You pass it one or more source files and it will generate symbols in any of the supported output formats. You can supply the input with the -i option in one of three forms. When you pass a directory, all source files will be recursively searched for VHDL and Verilog source files
  4. Parameters: args - Arguments passed to plt.savefig for displaying the plot.; extension - extension of image file indicating figure file type; kwargs - Keyword arguments passed to plt.savefig for displaying the plot. In case these contain width or placement, they will be used for the same purpose as in the add_image command.Namely the width and placement of the generated plot in the LaTeX.
  5. 3. Writing Markdown — ipypublish .10.12 documentation. 3. Writing Markdown ¶. In IPyPublish, all Markdown content is converted via Pandoc. Pandoc alllows for filters to be applied to the intermediary representation of the content, which IPyPublish supplies through a group of panflute filters, wrapped in a single 'master' filter; ipubpandoc

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Great Sphinx of Giza. Original - The Great Sphinx, albumen print created between 1867 and 1899 with the sphinx partially excavated. For thousands of years the Great Sphinx of Giza was partially buried by desert sands. Excavation began with Napoleon in the early nineteenth century and continued into the twentieth century Sphinx Hill in Moulsford, Oxfordshire was designed 1994 onwards and constructed1998-9 by John Outram Associates. Built for a husband-and-wife couple (the latter of whom is an Egyptologist), the house's formal gardens include a sphinx-lined canal dubbed the Nile Caption: The pyramids and Sphinx. 1878.' The Giza Necropolis (pyramids of Giza) is an archeological site on the Giza Plateau, on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. This complex of ancient monuments includes the three pyramid complexes known as the Great Pyram Caption: The pyramids and Sphinx. 1878. download (image) indicates a document is to be downloaded. numref (Chart of Figure Caption (Fig. 1)) numbered figure, table or block code. numfig=True must be set. Optionally numfig-format and numfig_secnum_depth. envvar (PATH) enviroment variable set with an envvar directive. token (examplegrammar) references a token in a productionlist

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  1. Image of Giza taken in Apr 2010 by Hasan Fathy with the Image ID 851905. Emporis database covers more than 600,000 building-related images worldwide. Sphinx & size comparisonGiz
  2. About Sphinx. Sphinx is a tool for making documentation. It was originally created for the Python documentation, but is now used for many other software projects. Sphinx uses reStructuredText as its markup language. It can produce HTML, LaTeX, ePub and PDF documents. Source: https://www.sphinx-doc.org
  3. Great Sphinx Of Giza And Pyramid Picture. Image Of Three Egyptian Pyramids, Egypt. Incredible Sunset View Of The Egyptian Pyramids. Main Stands On A Desert Hill With Egyptian Pyramids. Mummy In Burial Chamber Inside The Egyptian Pyramid. Night View Of Egyptian Pyramids

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sphinx-hdl-diagrams is an extension to Sphinx to make it easier to write nice documentation from HDL source files, in the form of Verilog, nMigen, or RTLIL code. You use the. hdl-diagram RST directive to generate various styles of diagrams from HDL code. Most of the time there will be a license header at the top of source code, which we might. Sphinx HDL Diagrams¶ sphinx-hdl-diagrams is an extension to Sphinx to make it easier to write nice documentation from HDL source files, in the form of Verilog, nMigen, or RTLIL code. You use the. hdl-diagram RST directive to generate various styles of diagrams from HDL code Image float left ¶. Typesetting is the composition of text by means of arranging physical types[1] or the digital equivalents. Stored letters and other symbols (called sorts in mechanical systems and glyphs in digital systems) are retrieved and ordered according to a language's orthography for visual display Description of the TikZ Sphinx Extension¶. This extension to Sphinx enables the use of the PGF/TikZ LaTeX package to draw nice pictures. (See CTAN or sourceforge; the manual is, e.g., here.Also have a look at contributions such as pgfplots.). Use the extension at your own risk. Anything might change in future versions without further notice

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Customization¶. Alabaster's behavior & style can be customized in multiple ways: Various template-level or nontrivial-style settings can be configured via your conf.py in html_theme_options; see Theme options.. As of Alabaster 0.7.8, you can provide your own CSS stylesheet overrides via a custom stylesheet.This is suitable for changes that only need minor CSS modifications ===== Material for Sphinx =====. image:: images/screenshot.png :alt: Material for Sphinx Screenshots This theme provides a responsive Material Design theme for Sphinx documentation. It derives heavily from `Material for MkDocs `_, and also uses code from `Guzzle Sphinx Theme `_ Common i18n patterns in React¶. Following page describes the most common i18n patterns in React. It's a follow-up to tutorial with practical examples. See the API reference for detailed information about all components

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Artwork page for 'Little Hermit Sphinx', Leonor Fini, 1948 on display at Tate Modern. The scene in this painting is an unsettling one. It shows the open doorway of an overgrown building, with peeling paintwork. Hanging from the doorway is an internal organ - identified by Fini as a human lung. Sitting among leaves is the Sphinx (a mythological hybrid of a lion and woman) Jaime's Lunch — by Topsail. Posted on August 22, 2014. by aquadude2001. 1. Every once in a while, one of BamBam's men just demands a story. This is one of the many circumstances that might be inspired by this illustration, from Bam's Corner, #266 Sphinx ( 1981) Dvdrip. Due to a planned power outage, our services will be reduced today (June 15) starting at 8:30am PDT until the work is complete Ch'ien / The Creative. The first hexagram is made up of six unbroken lines. These unbroken lines stand for the primal power, which is light-giving, active, strong, and of the spirit. The hexagram is consistently strong in character, and since it is without weakness, its essence is power or energy. Its image is heaven

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The image you sent is of the head of a female sphinx. While the sculpture was made during the Middle Kingdom, you might notice some odd fractures in it where it has clearly been repaired. CAPTION Head from a Female Sphinx, ca. 1876-1842 B.C.E. Chlorite, 15 5/16 x 13 1/8 x 13 15/16 in., 124.5 lb. (38.9 x 33.3 x 35.4 cm, 56.47kg). Brooklyn. S.S. Sphinx. The S.S. Sphinx will make her debut on the Nile river in 2021 and will offer two gourmet dining venues, a swimming pool, massage room and 42 gorgeously appointed suites. Egyptian artwork, fabrics and hand-carved furnishings will bring the beauty of the region to life onboard. All staterooms and suites onboard have French balconies - Caption on mount: The head of the Sphinx would fill a large school room. - LOT subdivision subject: Egypt. - Forms part of: Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection (Library of Congress). If a digital image is displaying:.

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  1. This image is not available for purchase in your country. Sphinx cat (Felis catus) Z934/0185. Rights Managed. 43.5 MB (4.9 MB compressed) 4745 x 3203 pixels. Caption. Sphinx cat. This sphinx breed of domestic cat (Felis catus) only has fine downy hair covering its body
  2. The first Sphinx, Anath-Na Mut, was the chief wizard under Ramses II. After his banishment, he discovered the Ka Stone. Granting him Immortality and superhuman powers, Sphinx wandered the earth.
  3. A caption - notice how the first letter of the caption in the directive is aligned with the :figwidth: option. ¶ Images should go into the /images folder. By using /images instead of images , sphinx will know the filepath isn't relative
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  1. Some background and context. I was born in beautiful Guyana - the land of many waters, located on the continent of South America. A country with vast natural resources, massive rivers, and endless sunshine; almost paradise! After spending my teenage years in Guyana, I migrated to Toronto in the early eighties and where I currently resides.
  2. DOWNLOAD DIRECTIONS. PC Download - To download the image select the DOWNLOAD BUTTON or, right click image and select SAVE PICTURE AS MAC Download - To download the image, hold the mouse button down for few seconds and you will see a popup menu. Select the choice Save Image as... FILE TYPE OPTIONS: PNG, transparent GIF, Medium and Large JPG images are available for Members
  3. Add Caption. mullet . Add Caption. Fat Kid. Add Caption. mullet. Add Caption. michael scott mullet Add Caption. Shirtless Mullet Man. Add Caption. Trophy Mullet Kid. Add Caption. Sphinx Mullet. Add Caption. Bad Luck Brian Bieber Mullet. Add Caption. Y U No Music 80s Mullet. Add Caption. Mullet kid Flip Through Images. Login . Login.
  4. Request a digital file from Image Services that is not available through CC0, a detail image, or any image with a color bar. If you have questions about requesting an image, please email imageservices@clevelandart.org
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To avoid possible conflict with another references, always begin figures anchor with _figure_ and prefer using terms that can easily refer to the figure caption. While only the centered alignment is mandatory for the image, feel free to use any other options for figure (such as width, height, scale...) if needed.. The scripts will insert an automatical generated number before the caption of. Different strokes for different folks — Topsail. Posted on November 20, 2015. by aquadude2001. 2. The discussion that followed Materskrain's posting of musclemen, on Sunday, tells us that big muscles alone don't qualify a man for a fantasy trip of seeing him tortured. Here's one of the most beautiful men in the world, Matt Bomer, whose. Caption. ΑΘΗΝΑΙ - Athènes. EΦIΠΠOΣ AMAZΩN - Amazone à Cheval. ΣΦIΓT [sic] - Sphinx. Postmark Date. 1902-10-13. Sender. Calliope D. Spiridif [Athens, Greece] Recipient. Miss Margaret C. Williams [San Francisco, California] Language of Message. French. Language of Postcard. French, Greek. Image File Location. P:\SDCW. Captions. English. Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents. Captions. Valued image. This image has been assessed under the valued image criteria and is considered the most valued image on Commons within the scope: Sphinx leucophaeata specimen - male ventral 12. I got this working in a document with two text columns, just wanted to share what I did. In this case, I wanted one figure of two side-by-side images to appear within one text column. The \centering inside the minipages caused trouble so I removed them. Moreover, \linewidth (one-column width) needs to be used rather than \textwidth (which.